A Dinner With Strangers

Many of us crave community - to know our neighbors, to share a meal. In a future which will hold immense challenges, we will need each other - even more than we already do. We hope this serves as an...

Interview 1 of 4 – Calvin Holland III devotes his life to service to others, as did many of his illustrious ancestors.

Interview 1 of 4 - Calvin Holland III devotes his life to service to others, as did many of his illustrious ancestors. Calvin had a difficult youth but always had the solid teachings and love of his grandmother and his...

Unity and growth

Interviewing community member for school project

Gloria: "I was still invisible"

Gloria sits down with a member of EZRA's Social Action Team to discuss Chicago's South Side and Uptown neighborhoods, being white passing, and systemic racism.

Phil Boss and Jen Guinea

Phil talks with Jen about his long career, and how his personal value of justice impacts all he does. They dicsuss racism, diversity, health equity and how he has grown over the years (and how Providence has grown).

Adam: Climbing Gym Director

Lucas W (18) interviews his Gym Director, Adam H. We talk about Adam’s journey into the climbing industry and some of the major aspects that come along with working at climbing gyms.

Gina Wyckoff and Carol Maples

Friends Gina Wyckoff (60) and Carol Maples (64) share the highlights of their careers as educators, how they would like their students to remember them, and the advice they have for those entering the profession.

Church Planting with Randy Jay Moore II

A brief discussion with Pastor Randy Jay Moore about his founding of Revolution Church in McKinney, Texas.

“Everybody needs to be needed.” – Amanda on her path to Richmond, career in senior care, and how she engages with her community.

During this conversation, Amanda talks about her role as Director of Leland Legacy and how they approach senior care with Life Lists and laughter. If you have an aging parent, give this a listen!

Hilary Schwed & Storey Squires

Hilary, a 7-yr volunteer at Providence Mount St. Vincent (The Mount), explains how serving at The Mount has shaped her and what it is like for her to have a family member live here. He's found a lot of love...

Amelia and Jessica discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Amelia and Jessica discuss the last 10 years of A2Zero and what strategies may have led to its success. They talk about community, adaptation, and positive change in neighborhoods.

Jinny Savolainen and Julie Lapping Rivera, friends and neighbors. "We need to be present and grateful for all we have."

Jinny Savolainen: 2020-05-19 14:46:58 Jinny Savolainen 59 yrs old, and Julie Lapping Rivera, 64 yrs old, discuss the impact of the pandemic individually and as a community.

Leticia Battise and Ava Ahmadbeigi

Leticia "Marcia" Battise [no age given] shares her thoughts on the current U.S. political climate, acting and trying to find community in an increasingly disconnected world with StoryCorps facilitator and new friend Ava Ahmadbeigi (26).

Enriching Lives One Bray At A Time

Steve Stiert talks about his passion for donkeys and his nonprofit mission to enrich donkeys' lives and show the value of donkeys to human communities.

Kate Hoepke and Dr. Wayne Pan: A conversation about community and belonging

Board of Directors Storytelling Project: Our third StoryCorps conversation is between San Francisco Village Executive Director Kate Hoepke and Board member Dr. Wayne Pan. Kate and Wayne shared personal stories that led them to be where they are today. They...

December 2, 2020 App Interview

my dad and i talk about what his life was like at my age(17) and about his experience in prison

Maureen O’Malley Kirschner and Megan Medina

Friends Maureen O'Malley Kirschner (35) and Megan Medina (37) reflect on their experiences becoming mothers early in the COVID-19 pandemic and talk about the importance of supporting each other during the challenges early motherhood.

Sharon Hayes and Mia Raquel

Sharon Hayes (41) shares memories of her childhood and family, as well as the ways she understands herself, with new friend and StoryCorps facilitator Mia Raquel (24).