Hayden Price

I interview my grandfather rick scott for the first time.

Interviewing my brother, Charlie

I interviewed my brother, Charlie to learn more about past experiences regarding how he grew up being the first generation in our family to exceed new educational benefits in America. I was able to learn more about his view on...

Marketing 101 Empathy Interview

We talked about the impacts of history and politics on business on a global scale

Archive Oologah- Thomas Wolters

Archive Oologah interviews Thomas Wolters, a valedictorian for Oologah High School class of 2018 about his high school experience and the significance of being named valedictorian.

The great thanksgiving listen p.7 Eaton

This interview we've talked about how it is important to step up for yourself, for your, race, and for your own family and how certain family members can make a big difference and in a way can be bonds to...

Interview with my grandmother

I ask my grandmother what it was like for her as a child and our family.

Thanksgiving with my Mom

My mother and I discussing some great family history. Tune into about 4 minutes to hear some great questions being answered about my mother’s life.

Interview Winter Final

I asked my mom about what events that she has lived through. I asked my mom what life was after these events.

William Tenney and his time in the Korean War

Mr. Tenney describes his time serving as a dentist in the US Navy during the Korean War

Community interview

We talked about the community and his life.

Interview with Grammie

We talked about family history and memories.

Oral History Project

We talked about historical events that have occurred during my Interviewee’s lifetime.

Jerry and Cathy

I talked to my grandparents about their life and some of their life experiences.