How We've Been Affected by Covid-19

Jillian Kuehn (16) talks with her mother, Amber Kuehn (48) about her life during the coronavirus pandemic. Jillian explains a bit about how her life has been impacted but they focus mainly on how Amber's life has been affected. They...

Kyara's interview on COVID with mom

Kyara Jean-Louis talks with her mother on the hardships of COVID19.

Mia Gutierrez and Yelennia Gutierrez

Mia Gutierrez(16) asks her sister Yelennia Gutierrez(15) question about COVID.

COVID-19 interview

Jarryd Klopp talks with his mother about COVID-19

Brooke Perugino and Eileen Wenckus Life during the Covid -19 pandemic.

Eileen Wenckus: 2020-09-25 17:37:32 interviews her niece about her first job in healthcare, which is at a hospital. Only one year working there and she found herself in the midst of the Covid -19 pandemic. Brooke loves her job and...

Kurt Wahl and Susan Beesley Talk family memories, youthful mistakes and getting along with Covid-19.

Kurt Wahl: 2020-11-25 23:03:38 Kurt Wahl, 58, brother-in-law to Sue Beesley talked about old times; kids and marriage; and driving the old VW bug across the country without air conditioning. Sue talked about work and getting layed off because of...

Jaden Bross and Kami Bross

Jaden Bross talks with his mom, asking her questions about her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Interview

Abby Robinson (16) talks with mother Erica Rotenberg (44) about her experiences with this past pandemic.


Aliya Lefler (interviewer) who is 15 years old, asks Brytin Lefler (interviewee) who is 14 years of age about covid-19. Aliya asks her about her experience with covid and how she dealt with it.

An Interview with my Grandmother

I, Jacob Schwartz (16), interviewed my Grandmother, Marilyn Schwartz (78), about her life, and how that differs to what living through Covid-19 is like.

Stephanie Hoffman and Alishia Parkhill ~ 48 years as Best Friends growing up in Texas and now pushing through a pandemic

Stephanie Hoffman (48) talks with Alishia Parkhill (48) as they reminisce and laugh through the Sign O' the times as we end 2020. It's nice to reflect on good times and learnings earned by truly knowing each other. This comes...

Zach Tusinger interviews his Grandmother Janice Tusinger about the Pandemic and the 2020 Election.

2021-01-24: Zach Tusinger (35) talks to his grandmother Janice Tusinger (84) about living through the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the recent 2020 election and inauguration. She shares several memories about growing up and various Twentieth Century elections and...

Shari Manchester and Holly Manchester- How Covid has Changed Our Lives.

Shari Manchester: 2022-05-07 01:37:37 I (Shari Manchester, 21) have an interview with my sister (Holly Manchester, 22) about her Covid infections, how it has affected our lives, and what our lives would have looked like had Covid never happened.

Bob Ballas and Beth Moeller for the Griswold Home Care Resilience Project: Eye on the Prize

2020-08-27 19:18:27 Bob Ballas, Commander of the New Fairfield CT Veterans Association and Beth Moeller of Griswold Home Care Fairfield County, sat down to discuss characteristics that foster resiliency in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn how a focus...

Edie Mueller and Olivia Rollins

Edie Mueller (20) interviews her cousin, Olivia Rollins (17), about life as a K-12 student during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heidi Rockwell and Dr. Jessie Leyse, MD. "It's Been a Long Year."

Heidi Rockwell: 2020-11-29 01:53:02 Heidi Rockwell (51) talks with her niece Dr. Jessie Leyse (37) about her journey to become an Infectious Disease physician and how that path has prepared her to address 2020's Covid-19 global pandemic.

Ruby Bradford and Susanna Kemp

Ruby Bradford (35) is interviewed by StoryCorps intern Susanna Kemp (20) about her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, the royal family, the people she'd like to meet, and the Superman cap she wants to get from Germany.

Jacob Curtis and Eileen Curtis – On Business During a Pandemic

Eileen Curtis (~70) talks with Jacob Curtis (16) about her experience running a small business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Timiera Jackson and Emily Martinez

Timiera Jackson (17) talks with her best friend and classmate Emily Martinez (17) about the new "normal" during this pandemic.