Olver’s culture&traditions

Chinese transition and culture complete in the U.S

All Of The Universe Is All In This One Moment (Part 2)

We talked about her childhood and the struggles that she faced growing up. As well as where her life has taken her now. We talked about the people and events that have influenced her life as well as the harder...

Interview project Honors

We recorded this on September 26, 2018 in The Bronx, New York. My grandpa is an immigrant from Mexico who came to The United States in search of a better life for his family back home. I am grateful to...

Dan Palmer and his grandmother Nazar Awwad talk about her life.

In this interview, conducted November 24, 2017 in Albany, NY, Dan Palmer (16) interviews his bilingual (in Arabic and English) Grandmother, Nazar Awwad (73), about her life in America as well as in the Middle East. Nazar shares some of...

Cultural interview

We talked about questions that I had.

Cultural Identity

I interviewed sisters Denise and Carmen Genao. They are from the Dominican Republic and moved to the United states at age 6 and 8.

Interviewing Mom

I was interviewing my mom about the hopes and dreams that she has for me.

Intercultural exchange and it’s significance

Cultural exchange is necessary in improving cultural tolerance and bridging gaps between nations.

Interview with Dad — Blog 3

Interviewing my father about his culture and background and how that impacted his life.

Terra Spears, Amari Spears, and Arius Spears

Terra Spears (47) reflects with her two sons Arius Spears (22) and Amari Spears (20) about their childhoods and her role as a parent throughout their lives. She also talks about how her experiences with racism informed her ideas on...

My mother’s journey to the United States

The firsthand story of my mother shifting her life from a third world country to working hard and beginning a new life

Youth & Culture

What being a foreign exchange student is like in America

Global Studies Project

Cata’s immigration was a dream come true for her. It was her dream to move to America and start a better life. There were many challenges, but she stood strong, and now has created a new life for herself. This...

Crystal reflects on her life, culture, family, and motherhood.

Jordy asks Crystal about growing up as a first-generation child and her childhood. He also asks questions reguarding her adult life as a mother and influences in her life.

Primary Research Interview

I interviewed my mom about how Hawaii and Indiana influenced her sense of place. I wanted to get a understanding of how she combined how she grew up with where she lives now and where my dad grew up. We...

Soc 110 culture interview

I interviewed my friend Danielle about Filipino culture and death.

“Follow your dreams and don’t allow anyone or anything sway you from them”

My mom has been a huge factor of who I am as a person. Without her, I wouldn't be who I am today. I know raising children isn't easy but I am grateful she was there for me when I...