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December 14, 2021 App Interview

We talk about our cultures. Then get distracted.

The Perceived abilities and inabilities of men and women.

This discussion is one in which we all speak of certain topics that pertain to the certain abilities and inabilities of both men and women.

“Asi como hay problems tambien hay solucions” (As there are problems there are also solutions).

My mom talks about an experience that she and I had when I was a little kid. She explains what values she has gained.

Ella Root interview

We talked about the things she did growing up and about her life

Joy Scott and Jocelyn Scott (ft. Mark Scott)

I (Joy Scott, 18) talk with my mom (Jocelyn Scott, 49) about her—and my dad’s—transitioning from their traditional teaching jobs to their careers as full-time Christian missionaries. We also talk about what it’s like having that sort of job in...

Ammara’s Culture

We talked about things that entailed the childhood of my cousin like the play they did in their days as well as the games played and toys played with.

You’re not in Kansas anymore!

We discussed Andrew’s life in Kansas versus his life in Birmingham as it relates to history, culture, food, politics, etc.

Nisha and Puja Patel (reuploaded)

Today, I (Nisha, 19) spoke to my sister-in-law Puja (31) about her life experiences and how growing up in a traditional Indian household has impacted many decisions. She defied the norms of our Indian community in the past by running...

Kevin West and Adele Yellin

Kevin West (49) interviews his former manager and former owner of the Grand Central Market, Adele Yellin (72), about how the Grand Central Market came about and how she, Kevin and others revitalized the space after her husband's passing.

GTGL aydrean

Daniel Chege Age:30 Aydrean Hunt-Chege Age:16 the topic we discussed is just about the general life of my dad when and before he moved here. and what it was like when he did. also an interesting story at the end

Story of Coming to America

We talked about how my mother’s experience was when she moved from Peru to Florida.

Global Arizona

Dual-Citizenship student Thomas Parker talks about the differences between Swiss and American culture, and what it was like growing up between the two.

Veronica Sopher and Dennis Garcia

Veronica Sopher (45) and her dad Dennis Garcia [no age given] talk about his experience as a Mexican American growing up on the Highplains and in Kansas.

HOA extra credit – interview

In this interview, me and my mom talk about how she copes with immigrating to a new country and integrates her culture with a new culture to live in a new place.

Maria Monsalve and Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson (29) has a conversation with her Aunt Maria “Lia” Monsalve (69) about family, spirituality, and Colombia, South America.

Interview with Grandma

Dylan: Grandma had a lot of fun when she was a child. She played games with her siblings, but wasn't allowed to go to dances. She did mostly indoor chores and helped with cleaning. She also commented how she believes...

Interview Patr2

She had a lot of difficulty coming to Japan but she really likes Japan. Also, she has a good relationships with her husband.

A mexican life into an American one

The interview was about a person that lives in Mexico and when he was a teenager, he came to live in the US.

Jahaziel Hiriart and Lizette Merchan

Jahaziel Hiriart (33) y su mentora, Lizette Merchan [edad no dada], comparten una conversación sobre sus experiencias al emigrar a los Estados Unidos de América, los desafíos que han enfrentado, y lo que les ha dado la fuerza para continuar...

Thanksgiving family interview

Our family background and its influence on us, and my mother's personal aspirations and perspectives.