An Interview With my Mom 2017

This is an interview I did with my mother about some questions I have been wondering for a while and I finally got the answers, thanks to The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Ryan Lee

We talked about what his life was like as a child and how her grew up. One of the big ones was the first question about how kids are different now that what they use to be.

Interviewing my dad

This is an interview of my dad for a class project

What it Means to Work Hard – An interview with my Dad

I sat down with my dad to talk about his life and how he grew up. He started from basically nothing and took advice from those of a greater intelligence and applied it to his life and has become very...

Rick Buckley 2017

Talked about all the way through life and how he has lived so far

AP Human Geography 2nd Term Project

This is a recording of myself interviewing my loving father. In this, he talks about his influences, childhood, hobbies, and family. I think it is very interesting to learn more about him and things he has to say.

Penelope & Dad

Interview with my Dad about immigrating to the United States

Interview with Dad

I ask my dad questions about his life before I was born.

Interview with Dad

We discussed his childhood, his family, and how he thought his future would turn out.

Aiden Benschneider’s Interview

We talked about what my dad is most proud of. I also asked him what advice he would pass on to his grandchildren if he could.

Interview with Dad

We talked about his past, what his life and family was like when he was a kid and a teenager

Joe Mags

I interviewed my dad, Joe, and we talked about his childhood and his memories.

Heather Chandler Senior Capstone(Ms. Trotter p.2)

I am Heather Chandler and in this interview I interview my father Kenneth Chandler!

The Suprising Life of a Dad
December 4, 2017 App Interview

Ups and downs in life can make an interesting story. On November of 2017 Ian Kim interviews his dad Yong Ho Kim about his early High School life. The story takes place from 1984 in South Korea, and it shows...

Brooks HIES

We talked about what my dad thinks of me and how his life has changed. I also talked about what his life was like when he was younger.

Honors College interview with my dad

In this interview with my dad we talked about his upbringing and his decision to come to America.

Audio Story Telling with my Grandmother- Jeanliq Mendez

I asked my Grandma 10 question about her life and she shared somethings that I’ve never heard before.