Discrimination in Favoritism

With so much discrimination going on even in school, there are those who still have a fighting chance to stand up for themselves and give others the encouragement they need to know that everyone deserve the same rights and treatment.

Elton and Doris

Elton asks about differences in culture between Rhode Island and North Carolina

Open Conversations to End Racism in America: Columbus Mitchell

Mr.Mitchell is a native of Selma,Alabama who sells T-Shirts and books to Selma’s visitors. He uses his profits to support education of local kids.

Southern Reconcilations

At the opening of the equal justice initiative memorial to peace and justice I interview my father about being black in America

Progress & Paradox

Immigrants come into this country to live a better life but must overcome discrimination and other difficulties to live their version of the American Dream.

From New York to Charlottesville

Mary Ann talked about her experience with discrimination and politics. #thegreatlisten #history #interestingstories #historicalamerica #thegreatthanksgivinglisten

An Immigrant Journy to the US

My father talks about his journey of illegally crossing the US border in 2003 from Mexico. The stuggles and changes he went through to get a better life for his family. The misconceptions that Mexicans have on life in the...


My grandma talks about her experience in chapel hill and in getting her job as the President of the American Correctional Association.

Discrimination on the Bus
November 28, 2018 App Interview

Julie, a Japanese-American woman, talks about her first time facing discrimination as a kindergartner and the effects it had on her life.

Interview with an Immigrant
November 26, 2018 App Interview

The life of an immigrant along with the struggles he went through and obstacles he faced. How immigration overall impacted him and changed his life forever.

A teacher goes to seminary, then feels called to go back to teaching.

"Can my faith and my context line up in ways that create ethical possibilities for the world? Is it possible to be progressive and Christian at the same time?" Megan describes her journey to apply her faith to her life...

American Identity Project

Throughout this interview I asked my great grandmother Aleta G Wadlington about her American experiences and how they made her who she is today.

Social Profiling in the eyes of Mr. Rivas

In today's topic we discuss one of the many forms of social injustice such as profiling.

Ruby – St. Louis, Missouri in the 1960’s

Ruby, an African-American women who grew up in segregated St. Louis, Missouri in the 1960’s, discusses her first encounter with discrimination.

Childhood and Discrimination
November 23, 2020 App Interview

An interview with my sister exploring the topics of her childhood and her interactions with racial and sex-based discrimination.

Catherine Smith- The Great Listen

Liz shares stories of her experiences with discrimination in the workplace.

A Southern Woman

My grandmother, Penelope Ann Lowe Burke, was born on August 31, 1942 in Houston, Texas. At the age of 9, she moved to a small Quaker town called Friendswood, Texas where she lived for nearly six decades. The town was...