Voices of Vision: Voucher Holder Seeking Opportunities Moves Speak

Jasmonae talks about growing up in Plano as a child and the positive impact of living in a diverse community had on her after her mother moved her family from Dallas with her voucher.

Digital Storytelling Interview

Interviewing Miqdaad Buriwhala about his youth development experiences.

Diversity in Comics

How Marvel has been taking initiative to add diversity into it’s comics.

Bringing diversity through education

Talking with Megumi Wedig about her experience as the coordinator for the Sister Cities program.

Patrick McCoy and Kelvin Page

Colleagues Patrick McCoy (41) and Kelvin Page (57) discuss the National Association of Negro Musicians’ (NANM) Washington D.C. chapter started by Patrick, representation and diversity in classical music, and those who have influenced their connection to and experience with music.

Rosa Fragoso

In this interview in November 22, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Maya Fragoso (17) interviews her aunt Rosa Fragoso Ramirez (56) about her childhood, her moving to Chicago, Illinois from Durango, Mexico in 1961. How it was difficult to except her...

“You’re gonna be able to be, and grow into being, the woman that you were born to be.”

Pamela McNeil ’82 and Tracey Cameron, director of Harambee House, talk about Pam’s time growing as an individual and developing enduring friendships at Wellesley.

“Wellesley prepared me to be fearless.”

Alexa Rice ’11 and her aunt Desiree Rogers ’81 reflect on how their Wellesley experience as women of color prepared them to be bold in every aspect of their life.

Tennie Johnson McCarty and Kristy Fowler Compton

Tennie L. McCarty (75) speaks with One Small Step participant Kristy Compton (54). The pair talk about what they share in common politically, their frustration with the labels assigned to political parties in the media, and the preoccupations they had...

The Power of Love

This a story about a Jewish man and Muslim who managed to overcome their religious and cultural differences to have a successful marriage.

FYS Interview about the theme of a workplace with Dr. Sarah Chavez by Jozlend Tucker

I interviewed Dr. Sarah for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank Sesno’s book...

Connie Vera shares her perspective about the importance of equity and inclusion in Waldorf education as both an alumna and admin staff.

Connie Vera is a Waldorf alumna of Highland Hall and grew up in Southern California. She has a degree in Journalism and Public Relations and a Minor in Sociology. For more than 14 years, Connie worked with various PR agencies...


Mike and Bulaong discuss school diversity.


We breifly discussed how diversity in the area where Janina lives has influenced her and her life.

"Literally co-wrote the book on climate modeling" interview with Warren Washington by Rajul Pandya

Warren Washington, a pioneer of climate modeling, shares his story with Rajul Pandya about his career in the atmospheric sciences. Discussing a lifetime pushing for the growth of diversity in the sciences and a better understanding of the climate. Going...

“It’s one of those countries everyone forgets about,” says every American to ever exist.

Long, long ago before there were iPhones, there was cassette tapes, Madonna and neon leggings. Welcome to the ’80s! On November 25 of 2018, 15-year old Lena Rohan interviews her mother, Mirela Lisicar-Rohan on what it was like being an...

Family Conversations

This interview we mostly talked about where she grew up in and how that affected who she is today. Connecting to how her family raised her with all the traditions that they had.