The Power of Love

This a story about a Jewish man and Muslim who managed to overcome their religious and cultural differences to have a successful marriage.

Diversity and Open-Mindedness

This is an interview with my mother discussing her childhood as she grew up in China, Venezuela, and later America. Through her immersion in these three drastically different cultures, she found that she has become more understanding of others in...

“How is it that we collect stories [and] create spaces for those stories to be told?” An interview with Michele Koppes and Heidi Roop

Michele Koppes and Heidi Roop met “on an incredible landscape on the edge of the Greenland ice sheet about two years ago.” The conversation that followed made both of them think more closely about the value of science communication and...

Salome Mwangi and Wayne Dilliard

Friends Wayne Dillard (56) and Salome Mwangi (50) recall how they met, the bonds their families have with one another and how each has learned from the other over time.

"Literally co-wrote the book on climate modeling" interview with Warren Washington by Rajul Pandya

Warren Washington, a pioneer of climate modeling, shares his story with Rajul Pandya about his career in the atmospheric sciences. Discussing a lifetime pushing for the growth of diversity in the sciences and a better understanding of the climate. Going...

Darrell Gray and Tei Street

Dr. Darrell Mason Gray II (37) talks with his friend and colleague, Tei Street [no age give] about his experience being a black man in medicine, what he sees as barriers for black men who may want to get into...

Fashion industry

This interview is about the positive changes that the modeling and fashion industry have had over the passed years, and first hand experiences of what this model had noticed herself being in the model industry in the late 1900s.

Tennie Johnson McCarty and Kristy Fowler Compton

Tennie L. McCarty (75) speaks with One Small Step participant Kristy Compton (54). The pair talk about what they share in common politically, their frustration with the labels assigned to political parties in the media, and the preoccupations they had...

"I love the fact that we're serving the public." An interview with Dana Bolles.

Dana Bolles works for the Science Engagement and Partnerships Division at NASA Headquarters. She was first hired as a Payload Safety Engineer with the Kennedy Space Center and since then, has worked at four NASA centers in mission support roles...

how a boyband shaped our career paths.

we discuss how growing up with social media and loving One Direction led us to our desired career paths and what it means to be a fan in the internet age.


Mike and Bulaong discuss school diversity.

Joanna & Kaitlin: On Diverse Education Informing Advocacy Work and the Effects of Open Dialogue on Pursuit of Anti-Racism

Joanna: 2020-07-27 00:14:46 Joanna (20) interviews Kaitlin (20) on her school district's representative, empathy-driven curriculum, how it informed her involvement in advocacy work, and how candid conversations can develop understanding of anti-racism.