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Escape from Communist Hungary

My father describes life under communist Hungary, his escape and life after in different countries

Fighting & Winning the battle against Leukemia

When Francine was 23 years old, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Thankfully, She has been cancer free for two years! This is just a part of her story.

Shadows Within Short Story

It was about a girl who loses her family in a forest, who now has to face survival

Sour life

Its the begining of a book that I made

Moving to America – Sulma Velasco

Sulma talks about her struggles and hardships of being a teenager leaving the country to start a whole new life.

Interview with my Grandma, Linda

She talked about her attempts in Vietnam to escape the Communists, her struggles as a single mother in America, and her toxic ex-husband.

Escape from Vietnam and Afterwards

My aunt, Thê Trimble, recalls her experience escaping from Vietnam and it’s horrors and the aftermath of the escape.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Podcast
November 27, 2017 App Interview

My dad talks about his life and struggles before and during the Vietnam War up to his escape and adjustment to life here in the US... plus how he met and eventually married my mom. Stories of tense sail-boating trips,...

Interview with Dad

This is an interview about my dad when he was young living in Bulgaria which was a communist country and how he escaped in short

Talking to my mom about life.

We talk about life and what we have learned.

White Hair

A two year old girl and her parents escape from Communist Romania during World War II to Israel.

9/11 Survivor Speaks on their Experience

A survivor of 9/11 (my mother) speaks on her experiences in the World Trade Center during and after the attacks.

Paulette Terwilliger shares her family's account of surviving the Holocaust in occupied France

Paulette Terwilliger (nee Paulette Forst) was born to a young Jewish couple in France during the height of World War II. Now a resident of Fearrington Village, she spoke with fellow resident John Eckblad about her family’s wartime experience. In...

The Story Of Thu Ta

This has some parts of Thu Ta’s life in escaping Vietnam and finding her true love

Walter Escapes the Nazis

Walter, my grandfather, grew up in Vienna during World War II. We only really learned the full story a few years ago, and it was so fascinating to us how such an amazing tale went untold for so long.


A mother raped and kidnapped plans an escape now that her son was 5 years old.