La Vida Que Viví, y los Recuerdos compartiendo entre tío y sobrina

Es una historia que va más aya de la generación nueva. Es una historia de amor, de progreso, historias que no conocemos de fin a fin. Viene de una persona que conoció dos mundos, y ahora es parte de muchas...

FHP Interview

Family history, traditions, heritage, etc.

My Grandma's First Date
November 27, 2020 App Interview

My grandma (78) grew up in Kansas with her family's farm. My grandma's mother said my grandma can not date anyone until at age 16. When my grandma first turned 16, she got a phone call from someone she knows...

The Prospects of Family

Nostalgic talks about the fluidity of family love

Interview with Maria Dominguez

During the interview my mom talked to me about her life. She mainly talked about her family and everything she stands for.

English interview

We talked about favorite memories and favorite people in our life.

Daily interview with Yolibeth Jimenez!

It was a class project and I had to get a good grade.

Interviewing Carlos Jaramillo

We talked about Carlos childhood. Also about people that helped him in life

Katie and Matthew and their mom
November 23, 2017 App Interview

My two kids and me on Thanksgiving Eve

Practice GAI
September 24, 2018 App Interview

A small summary of Katie’s family and her life in St. Paul.

Listen To A Little Sister Interview Her Big Sister

Hope Carey interviews her older sister about school and life events that have yet to happen for her.

Talking with PaPa
November 13, 2022 App Interview

An interview about by family. I am doing this with my grandfather.

A Walk Down Kimberly’s Childhood

I interviewed Kimberly and she told us about her most favorite childhood memories. Some of those memories were spending time with her cousins and going to Universal Studios very often with her cousin. She also mentions some childhood nicknames she...

Interviewing my Mother

We talked about family and happy moments

Grandparents interview

Am interview between Frank and Suzanne, who have been married for 57 years, and their seventeen year old granddaughter

Cultural diversity final

I decided to interview my cousin Ivy. She is going away in December for three years to the Caribbean to study vet school.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We discussed the love, childhood and work lessons of life.

Interview with my dad :))

Here we discussed my dad’s past and what brought him here today

Interview with mom

I understand that was born in and experienced her childhood in different country. I want to ask her about how her everyday life was back then and how she might compare it to her present life in the U.S.

Umer Khan

This is an interview with my dad about his family and most important people in his life.