Life lessons from George and Dorothy Greenfield.

Thespian, Farm Girl, and Grandma

An interview with my grandma about her life growing up in Indiana and how she sees me.

Adriana and Cameron

Adriana Gutierrez is 18 years old and interviewed her friend Cameron who is 19. Cameron discussed his life as a white, male growing up in Nebraska. He elaborated on his relationships with family, and how his brother’s transition has affected...

Storytelling interview
September 10, 2023 App Interview

This interview was with my girlfriend, and i asked her some simple questions. We talked about her parents, as well as her family. We also talked about her memories.

English project

We talked about some past experiences, and what we wanted to know about each other.

Family over all

Interview with my grandmother about her life and family and the disparities of her generation and Gen-z-ers’ generation.

Family Values
October 2, 2022 App Interview

My 74 year old grandmother, Carol, sat down with me to answer some questions I had regarding her life growing up and her career. The topics we discussed all led back to the common theme: family.

Melody Chapin and Pauline Katz

Pauline Katz (25) interviews Melody Chapin (25) about growing up poor, moving to a new community, recognizing racial and experiencing social interactions and demographic change as a result of neighborhood gentrification, and grappling with the fear of a loss of...

Learning more about this woman’s life

This interview was very emotional and heartwarming.Asking my mother these questions about her and her personal life made me realize how life was like for her . For these past experiences and our family, it helped her become an outstanding...

thanksgiving break 2021. avarie and jason degrave

this is an interview asking my dad about his past, his career and past jobs

English interview

In this interview my mom was the one getting interviewed. I asked her many questions about her childhood, marriage and traditions.

Thanksgiving interview

This was an interview with my Dad

Interview Transcript

In this interview it talks about mostly about the future.

My grandfather of electricity

My grandfather goes over his time working for the electricity company.

Father of two is in a happier place after moving to Portland

I interviewed my father, we talked a lot about his life growing up, his life with me and my sister in the picture, what’s happening now, and a little bit about what he plans to do in the future

The Most Beautiful Moment(s) in Life: Interview with Kristine Canonizado

(I'd like to also mention, my grandma has not returned even though she promised me that she would, so this is my mom speaking on her behalf as well, please tell me this counts; this is why this conversation is...

1966 – Loren & Veneta Lesher

Loren and Veneta Lesher have been married over 70 years. They are sharing stories from each year of their lives together. They were married in 1953. This interview covers 1966.

1969 – Loren & Veneta Lesher

Loren and Veneta Lesher have been married over 70 years. They are sharing stories from each year of their marriage which took place in 1953. This recording covers the year 1969.

Growing Up In America as a Taiwanese Immigrant

Nicole Tindall (16) talks to her mother Amy Chen (49) about her experience being a Taiwanese immigrant in America.

They kicked me out

a interview about my mom and how she grew up