The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about life principles and personal memories.

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This interview is with my mom and I and we discussed our relatives.

Interview with Dad

I am having a interview with my dad talking about his life

Bruce and Courtney

We talked about our family, him, and his diagnosis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Ed Setzler

Ed Setzler [no age given] talks about his grandfather, Leonard Bugay, who served with distinction in World War II, earning the rank of First Lieutenant by the end. From basic training to managing a German Prisoner of War Camp, Bugay...

House mom Robin

Robin and i talked about her career and what led her to that. We talked about her family, values, hobbies, and her accomplishments.

17- year old Giovanni Celaya and his life.

In this interview, conducted on November 2019 in Chicago, Illinois, Karen Salgado(17) interview my old friend and peer, Geovanni Celaya(17) about his about his plans for his future tomorrow. He talks about what Mark he would like to leave when...

Wayne, at 100 years old, talks about his life and accomplishments as a lifetime resident of Wayne County, Indiana

Wayne Stidham, being interviewed by Alison Zajdel, talks about growing up poor, meeting his wife, and the professional climb to President of Second National Bank. Along the way, Wayne helped Richmond rebuild after the '68 explosion, bring IU East and...

Chanda Szczeblowski

Interview with my mom, Chanda Szczeblowski.

ENG 101 Interview

Thanksgiving interview with my aunt in Albuquerque, New Mexico for ENG 101 class.

Aunt Linda talking about Grandma Margaret and family

Aunt Linda talking about grandma Margaret and grandpa Willard and family

The effect of childhood memories on future outlook

Talking with my grandfather about his experiences during World War II

A Neice and Her Uncle Over Zoom

Lexi Tendorf asks her uncle who isn’t related to her questions about his life.

Mom Interview

In this interview I ask my mom about her youth to where she is today

The Great Thanksgiving Talk Project

Revisiting their past jobs, school opportunities, travel, and just a dash of politics.

My mother talks about important life lessons and memories of her childhood.
November 30, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, we talk about important life lessons, memories and how people remember one’s actions.

Thoughts in family

Conversation with my sister about family


I talked with my parents about some of their past and things they have learned

Thanksgiving interview on Nana

I asked my Nana some questions about Thanksgiving and other topics about her life.