Duane Theleman Interview

Sean Theleman (interviewer), Duane Theleman, 49, father to Sean, talked about Duane’s life and covid-19.

Quarantine Questions

Some questions about quarantine lifestyle and thoughts.

Grateful for love

Anna (23) discusses what has been most impactful in her life, including love from family and friends, wisdom of a kind teacher, and cherished memories

The Best Sister Ever

My sister Gina and I talked about her seizure condition, why mom is her hero, and how great she is at knitting and painting.

Mom Remembers

Judy Sonny remembers personal early family history with her son, Mark.

Cailey Interviews Yushin

Cailey interviews her friend Yushin about seeing ghosts as a child, fishing advice that's actually life advice, and surviving past pandemics.

Cailey Beck interviews Yushin Kim

Cailey Beck (16) interviews her friend Yushin Kim (17) on seeing ghosts as a child, fishing advice from grandpas, Covid19, and his experiences with numerous past pandemics.

Interview with My Reflection “My Husband”

A quick journey into the life of a husband and father

An Italian Immigration Interview: The Story of Anna-Marie Lento

In December 2019 in Voorhees, New Jersey, Caroline Quigley (15) interviewed her grandmother Anna-Marie Lento (80) about her immigration to the United States during the World War II time period. Born in 1939, Anna-Marie lived in Italy until she and...

Let’s grow in the change we wish to see!

We discussed our family, love, and how my husband became the man he is today!

APUSH Grade Reclamation Interview

I was able to interview my grandmother, Cheryl but I call Nana, about her life growing up in a previous generation. We talked about her experiences with her family, their traditions, and how times have changed over several generations in...

“You are not a tree, if you don’t like it, change it”

Asked my mom some personal questions got to know about her and her past. She's a really hard worker and enjoys getting out of her comfort zone as well as trying new things. I got to know more about her...

Mrs. Hill and I, Sanjana, talk about her life and hopes and dreams.

In this interview we talked about Mrs. Hill’s past and about her family. She also talked about family traditions and about the book she wrote.

The interview of my grandma

This interview is about my grandmas life.

Avid StoryCorps College Interview

I had to ask a couple of questions to my parents in regards to college.