Rachel and Dad

A sad interview between daughter and father.

Mother recalls day her fiancé died

Khalima Cottman,17, interviews her mother about the passing of her father. Crystal DeBerry, mother of 3, recalls the day that her fiancé Troy Cottman was murdered in their family home. She discusses everything from how they met, to the day...

“Just A Lot of Imagination”

In Flushing, New York, a hardworking father, George Dakis, and his 14-year-old daughter, Christina Dakis, converse about his life in a Greek-American household. They talk about his inspiring life and the hardships he went through to become the man he...

Interview with My Dad

In this interview, my father and I talk about parenting, love, religion, his career, and the most important things to get out of life.

La Historia de Mi Papa

A story of my father Marco who is an immigrant, Catholic, and loving person. Listen to this unique, funny and interesting story. / Una historia de mi padre, un inmigrante, Católico, y persona lleno de amor. Escuchen esta historia chistosa,...

Sophia Karwowski and Mark Karwowski

Sophia Karwowski (33) and her father Mark Karwowski (68) discuss his background in teaching and its impact on her life.

Getting to know my dads life and father.

On thanksgiving in 2018 Edward Clark (16) interviews his Father Douglas Clark (57) for the Great ThanksGiving Listen in Egg Harbor Township NJ. Edward asks his dad about his life as a child and what he did. Ed also asks...

Wyatt Candies Interview with my Grandma

In this interview, I (17)spoke with my grandmother, Juanita Candies (75) about her childhood and life experiences. We talked about school, religion, jobs, and relationships

Tab and Danny

I held in my emotions, probably didn’t prepare enough, and talked to a slightly tired dad, but over all I feel fulfilled, and still pretty confused about my own life. I sure did learn things about my family that I...


This is interview was about cinthia and her issues that shes had with her family and her dad.

Interview With Father

An interview with my father. We discuss how media has changed since his childhood.

Collin Green and his Grandmother Mimi talk about life growing up and Collin’s father.

In this interview conducted on November 21, 2017 in Gordon, Texas, Collin Green interviews Jaime Green about life growing up and raising children. She talked about how she was an only child and that she like her alone time as...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The ten of us talked about how we hope to be remembered. Some were more vocal than others, including the French bull dog bean snoring in the background.

Ed Cline

Summary: In this interview, conducted on January 3rd, 2018, Dylan Cline (15) interviews his father, Edward Cline (50) a bout what it was like to grow up as a young man in the 1980’s. He talks about how the experiences...

Spooky theater

Brendon Eadie and his Dad talk about his childhood and jobs.

Interview with my dad
November 25, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my dad, and he told me about his life, experiences, and family.

Rob Lesko on growing up and raising kids

An oral history of how a parent grew up and took those lessons to teach his kids

The Best Person I Know- Interview with my Father

In this interview, I speak with my father about growing up in Uruguay, his travels around the world, and living in America.

Great American listening project.

Interview with my mother. She talks about what her family was like. What traditions she had, where she lives and how life was different.

“He taught me all of the morals that I still live by today.”
November 30, 2017 App Interview

David Lloyd speaks to his daughter about how his uncle influenced his life and how he acted as a father figure for him.

I love Calvin

A man you could talk to for hours he has so many interesting stories and he can always make you smile I talk to him about his life and legacy his father how he views the world and me