Evolution of a 20th Century Female

This talks about the life of Regina Gold, born in 1930, and how the role of women has changed throughout her life.


How she felt about immigration and how she over cane coming to a new country


Women has enough respect

Grandmas history interview.

In this video i am talking with my grandma rosa. We talked about her past history.

Oral History Interview with Narin for History 111 class

Today I interviewed Narin about gender equality in her country. We touched many aspects of female life and talked about Narin’s childhood years and how she has been treated as a female

From Low to High

This interview is about a woman who grew up in a rougher neiborhood and worked her way into College.

Story Corps with the Supply Corps

Listen to the some of the life experiences of a female Supply Corps Officer in the Navy

Sight Into Grandmas Life

My grandma told me about what her life was like in her home in Mexico. She made most of her memories in Mexico.