My Grandfathers Childhood

Growing up in a poor economy area of Rosario Argentina Hugo Solano’s childhood was mainly focused on soccer, friends and family. He always played soccer since he could kick a ball at young age with his friends. He lived in...

TEST Interview: A Conversation with Mr. Olson

Mr. Olson talked to me about someone who has had a positive influence on his life.

Tim Owens

About life and jobs with the military

Practice interview

What we talked about was what kind of memories he loves most and how he is grateful

TA Interview

Tanner answers some questions

Mercy Aguilar and her Life Growing Up

We talked about her jobs and her childhood growing up. Also about her kids and what she liked to do

Best friends Malik and Sol

Me and my best friend Sol talk about his and his grandparents/families lives We tend to laugh a lot :)

Maiki Albert Interviews Dave Tio.

Maiki Albert and Dave Tio are Chuukese cousins living in Neosho Mo. In the interview they talk about what Dave likes to do for Thanksgiving. They did their interview on december 1 2021 in Neosho Mo.

FYS interview about the theme of legacy based questions with Debbi Mahan by Trace Mahan

I interviewed Debbi Mahan for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching enlightening stories. Frank Sesno’s book Ask...

Exiting Times in a Small Town

“I climbed up the drive in movie theater with fireworks and smoke bombs, I set them off and me and my friends ran home as fast as we could.” This is one of the fun crazy stories that Michael Giacchino...

Interview for History
November 28, 2018 App Interview

interviewed someone and asked questions

Storycorp listening challenge

In this interview, I spoke with my teammate Shane Jones. We talked about his life growing up.

Interview with Brody

This is an interview with my friend Brody Barrett. We have been friends for a little over a year.

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Charles Tyson Jr.

A fairly recent transplant from West Philadelphia to Tacony, Charles is an artist, singer, dancer and event producer in the performing arts of Philadelphia. Charles gives insight into his involvement in the flourish Art scene in Tacony, also known as...


Cheyenne Waters (18) and Rebecca Klosko (17) reflect on their friendship and school in general.

I want to be a Pediatrician

We talked about things that happened in Autumn's childhood. Then we went into her future and even how she wants to be remembered during her afterlife.