Eloisa and Paris talk about their friendship, college, and whatever else Paris seems to come up with

Eloisa and Paris have been best friends for four years. The pair discuss their past, present, and possible future together in this ten minute phone call.

Interview with James Himan

I interviewed my dad about many personal things like his childhood, friends and family.

Talk wit my fav Sierra

Important conversation with one of my closest friendsssss

FLE 400

I conducted a interview with Alex Mays. We discussed about several different topics, such as life, friends, and work.

Troy Anthony Small- Getting Your Feet Wet

Curtis Diaz speaks with his friend and colleague Troy Small on his life, how his career in music has inspired him, and his experience growing up as a Black first generation American.

Best friends Malik and Sol

Me and my best friend Sol talk about his and his grandparents/families lives We tend to laugh a lot :)

dj’s interview

interviewing one of the baddest bitches i know

Joyce Hollobaugh talks about her life experiences and passion for helping people with her interests in medicine.

My mother, Joyce Hollobaugh, discusses how her life experiences competing in volleyball and softball and her career in respiratory therapy has made her the person she is today. As she discusses her experiences, my mother describes all the important life...

Bel Monteith interviews her Grandpa and they talk about his childhood in the delta and life adventures.

In this interview, made on November 22, 2018 in Senetobia Mississippi, Bel Monteith and her grandfather, Kat Monteith talk in the city that he has lived in for a long time. Kat talks about his life in the war and...

Thankful: Colin Davis
November 15, 2018 App Interview

What are you thankful for? Colin answers brief questions about what he is thankful for.

Interview with my grandpa

I interviewed my grandpa for a school project and we talked alot about how he grew up and what all of his friends were like as kids. We also talked about how he met my grandma and what my dad...

Julia interviewed by Steven part 2

Stevens phone messed up so the second part of his interview with Julia

Lauren Polacek – a friend since elementary school

Growing up with her I never really asked the deeper questions, and now I had the chance to ask her what she wanted to do with her life

Mercy Aguilar and her Life Growing Up

We talked about her jobs and her childhood growing up. Also about her kids and what she liked to do