Good friends are hard to come by.

I met Maria about 6 years ago when I was living downtown. She was a very sweet and caring lady. After a couple years she became the Manager of the apartments I was staying at. I moved to El Cajon...

Lexi interview

We talked about what Lexi’s life was like growing up and how that’s shaped her now.

Rylee Kramer: music woman, tiny house fanatic, and wonderful friend

Rylee and Beth speak fondly of the past and reflect on the future of Rylee’s journey through life.

Finding Balance

Interview with my sweet friend, Sara C. Unfortunately I accidentally cut off the beginning of the interview.

Chess and Maz

A year abroad in Oxford yields a lifelong friendship. Here, two best friends reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

Ana Smith-Daley, Roy Daley & Lucy Figueroa

“…Everything was dead. Like if I had landed on the moon.” Fifty years after arriving in the United States from Honduras, Roy Daley sat down with his daughter, Lucy, and wife, Ana, to reminisce about his first Thanksgiving dinner. Produced...

storycorps interview

Sami has been one of my good friends since middle school. Today i just wanted to get to know him better with this interview.

Caitlin’s Leap of Faith
February 18, 2019 App Interview

Caitlin had never left North America before, but in the Summer of 2016 she got an opportunity of a lifetime: to represent her country on the field hockey turf in Australia.

Past Affecting The Present.

This is an interview between me the interviewer and my mom the interviewie. We discuss he past and how it has affected her and shaped her as a person to later shape me. My mother’s story talks about events that...

Zoe Courville & Lora Koenig

Dr. Lora Koenig and Dr. Zoe Courville first met over a decade ago in the middle of the Greenland ice sheet. Their friendship formed while conducting research in some of the most remote corners of the world. As field researchers,...

Kay Miller’s Special Memory in Philly

Kay Miller talks about the photograph that provokes nostalgia of her loving friendship she had

Friendship of Evelyn Ochs and Junko Kline.

Evelyn Loven Ochs talks about her long friendship with Junko Itosi Kline. Evelyn and Junko “met” as pen pals after World War II. Junko is a native of Japan, but has lived many years now in the United Kingdom. Evelyn...


Listen to name and her partner, partner’s name, dissect the intricacies of A Clockwork Orange, all while attempting to navigate a podcast.

The Flip Side

The perfect life, she thought, but it was all in her head. She wakes up and realizes that she’s lost her best friend and her heart breaks.

A Lifetime of Evolution
December 6, 2018 App Interview

I talk with my Grandma about her evolving understandings of racism and sexism throughout her life.

Kind, authentic Katie

Katie’s freindly life- from silly childhood memories, to young adulthood friendships, to being remembered for her genuine kindness!


Yak and Beerit shooting the scheise