Athletics are more than winning games.

I, Zack Oistad, interview my aunt Annette Ambuehl about what she learned during her time playing college athletics and how she has been able to use things she learned back then in her business career.

Mary Jo Bukovic & Storey Squires

Mary Jo, a dedicated volunteer and friend of The Mount (Providence Mount St. Vincent) shares her memories of her work, the heart & soul of the building and its importance to the community. As a volunteer, she feels she gets...

how we became friends

this interview is about how we first became friends and the journey of our friendship throughout the years

Arghavan Nawaby and Caroline Valdes

Friends Arghavan Nawaby (54) and Caroline "Leilani" Valdes (49) came together as students at the McComb’s business school Executive MBA program. The two reflect on their friendship, personal experiences that shaped their values, and their time at the University of...

PAALM’s decade of friendship

Interview to commemorate 10 years of friendship, a sort of time capsule in time <3

Annaliese Wagers

Annaliese Wagers (17) talks with her cousin Caroline Grubele (19). Caroline discusses why she chose the path she did, what she loves about it, and where she wants to be in the future. She also talks about her friendship with...

Virendra Pal Singh Gill: Retired Indian Army General

Virendra Gill (74) has a deep conversation with his granddaughter, Keya Dutt (12) about life in the Indian army and in India.

Anjana Ramesh and Sabrina Robinette

Anjana Ramesh (18) talks with her childhood and best friend Sabrina Robinette (18) in navigating through mental health and shared experiences throughout life.

Maia interviews Hannah on their friendship and life.

Maia interviews her friend Hannah and asks her about things like their friendship and how Hannah wants to be remembered. They reflect on past interactions, how they became closer, and and their friendship now. Hannah talks about how her life...

Luis’s Heath Interview

This was done as a assignment for a Speech class. Luis (19) interviews Heath (19) about their friendship, life and beliefs.

learning more about my friends
August 13, 2022 App Interview

me and my friend Karina get together and ask each other questions about our lives

Yvonne Ng and Derek Lumpkins

Friends Yvonne Ng (46) and Derek Lumpkins (46) discuss memories from their childhoods, their love of travel, and how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their lives.

Jine Uzor and Michelle Ivbievbiokun

Friends Jine Uzor (20) and Michelle Ivbievbiokun (19) reflect on their time as students at McCombs business school and the work they have been a part of managing the Black Business Students Association on campus.

Work and Life Friends Through a Few Decades

Jann and Mary share stories of their friendship through three decades of work and fun. How our marketing career paths chose us and the many times they crossed paths over the years. Of course, there are a few moments that...

Vanessa interviews her friend Sheila about growing up in Oxford, Mississippi
November 29, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oxford, Mississippi, Vanessa interviews her friend Shiela about her childhood and growing up in oxford. Shiela shares what school she went to, how many siblings she had, and how she wouldn’t choose...

Interview for Thanksgiving

By this interview I got more information from my mother's friend .Also,she showed the thanks to her grandma because she took care of Rui before she was 7years old.

The Girlfriend Series: Jenny and Pam

Jenny and Pam talk about their 24 year friendship, how they met and their adventures through the years. Including a women’s leadership program, biking and hiking and banana bread!

Avery’s 16th Birthday

Talking about long time friendship and future dreams of where the friendship will go.

Abuse and the effects on mental health
December 2, 2022 App Interview

Mackenzie Young and Nyanaza Carter both talk about the effects of abuse Nyanaza experienced. Both 17 year old friends go into her feelings and talk on a deep level.

Douglas Purviance and Sean Loutzenhiser

Friends and fellow members of Carver Community Garden of East Harlem Douglas Purviance and Sean Loutzenhiser discuss life in NYC during Covid-19 quarantine, how community gardening has changed their lives, and the differences between life in NYC and Belgium during...