Life lessons 11/26/18

We talk of her past experiences and hopes for her children’s future.

APUSH Service Learning Project

In this interview we talked to Zulma Rodriguez, a Salvadorian that came to the U.S. and has had a very different life than she expected.

Max Hovious interviews Joan and Bill Hall on their life, beliefs, and much more.

Joan and Bill Hall are friends of Max Hovious. They have done many things throughout the years, like owning stores, working hard on farms, becoming highly successful in the rental property business, and much more. In this interview, Max and...

Edson and his mother discuss her adventures.

Me and my mother dive deep into her childhood and adolecent years. She talks about moments with my father, her grandfather, and her belief in god. God plays a large role in her life as she has overcome many obstacles...

Church assignment pt. 1

I learned abou how my grandpa (Frank Lahde) felt about god

Young Erangey

Young Erangey, my grandma, has always kept her faith in God. She discusses her love for her parents and how it was like falling in love in Korea. She also talks about her two daughters and the hopes she has...

Thank you Mom !!

we talked about how my fathers life was as a child growing up. His memories with his grandfather and his parents

Thanksgiving part

This is pretty much Katie Foulton’s life and what she went through and everything she has gone through. It’s a cute conversation about how our lives were because we’ve known each other for most of it!

Church Assignment pt. 2

I learned about how people in my church feel about god

The Great Story From My Grandma

I and My Grandma have a very strong connection and we love each other a lot.

How Grandma found God

When life was hard she never gave up. Having a son at 16 didn’t stop her. When her parents took her money that she needed that didn’t stop her. She learned two lessons that stayed with her forever,one always believe...

Grandmom Semple’s Interview

A few words on my grandmothers life, upbringing, and relationship with her religion.

Blast from the past with Uncle Birdie

I call my uncle and ask him some quest about his childhood which happened more than 65 years ago.

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Rich

Rich, a longtime resident, of Tacony is now caretaker an abandoned and overgrown citygarden in Keystone Park. Working his whole life as a contractor and 22 years in recovery, Rich talks about his experiences living through addiction to then building...

In depth interview of a piece of my grandma’s mind

We talked about her experiences in life and a lot about God

Ryan Petersen

In this interview Ryan talked about his childhood, people who influenced his life, what he’s proud of most, what he wants to be remembered by, and his favorite hobbies and interests.

My Friend Ann

Ann believes very much in God and expresses how much He has impacted her life. She is a mother of three and that is her biggest accomplishment.

Katelyn Stankowski and her dad Paul Stankowski talk about his time on the PGA Tour and his life growing up.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017, Katelyn Stankowski (15) interviews her dad Paul Stankowski (47) about his time on the PGA Tour and his life growing up. Paul Stankowski shares stories of his past and his experiences with golf....

Grandma G and Me

Grandma G and I look back at stories, struggles, relationships, and memories from her good life.

My Thanksgiving Listen Thing

In this video I discuss a multitude of topics with my Grandma and how it has affected her life.

Ethnographic Exercise #2 part 1

Victoria and I discussed how religion has impacted her life and her family relationships. We also discussed the process of her finding the right church for her. The interview took place in Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA.

My Story

A quick peek of Fernando’s family life, beliefs, and how they shaped his life