Me and My dad’s interview

This interview is about my dad's life. From his happiest memories to what he want's to accomplish in life. I chose to do this interview with him because I felt like he has a very interesting life story and he...

Auntie-Grandma Jewel (sibling #7)

In the midst of the pandemic my family has been blessed with new life. I spoke with my Aunt Jewel about the experience of becoming a great-grandma during the outbreak. I thought I knew my aunt pretty well but this...

Peggy Collinsmith and Caroline Sullivan

Peggy Collinsmith (63) interviews her friend Sister Caroline Sullivan O.P. (79) about her childhood, growing up in the United Kingdom, civic dialogue, and Caroline’s work within her religion.

Building stories with Mrs.busse and Isaac

I learned a lot about Grace Lutheran that most people will never know. I learned a lot about Mrs.Busse also.

Father Son Interview

I interview my dad about his military service and how being a parent changed him

More Than Colleagues

We talked about Chris’ life growing up and who he is now, about our friendship, about parenting and about how he would like to be remembered.

Sharon Strus: Selfless Mother, Former Catholic Nun, & Polka Accordion Star. The story of a life of humble choices & great outcomes.

Sharon's storied life starts in Michigan, shipping off to the convent at age 13, finding herself in her 20s, then marrying a Polish bus driver in her 30s, and starting a new life chapter. Gain the wisdom of a woman...

Betty Hansel discusses her life and how she has journeyed to find meaning.

Grandmother Betty Hansel discusses her life growing up on a farm in rural Virginia before tragically losing her parents and beginning life on her own. She discusses the evolution of her faith in God and the role that Christianity has...

Gma Carol Interview

I interviewed my gma about her life

“I couldn’t really imagine building a bond like this with anybody else.”

Gillian (18) discusses her childhood memories with her mother, Stephanie (39). Gillian talks about her achievements and experiences with God. Stephanie had prepared this final question for the interview, “if this were to be our very last conversation, is there...

Jerry Stephens
September 30, 2018 App Interview

Jerry Stephens tells his life story through childhood until today

“It was as if I never heard that before…”

Father Steve Petroff is a kind of survivor on the spiritual journey--a model for anyone who believes that if you work hard and stay close to God, doors that appeared closed will open. Just before his ordination as a Paulist...

“I just can’t stay away from small children.” -Mrs. Hega; a family woman.

Mrs Hega was My preschool teacher, and loves archaeology and wants to see the world. She has two sons whom she loves deeply, and loves small children. She just can't stay away from them.

Who impacts your life the most?

In this interview, Pam Cooper discusses what she’s most proud of, and her religious beliefs. She also shares what she wants to be remembered by.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Me and my great aunt Chris discuss her life and her love for the lord.

BVHS 2019 Summer Interview Project

My Oupa like his parents was born in South Africa. He grew up during the apartheid era. The love of his life was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was left disabled due to errors made at the hospital. His...