Battle of the bulge

I interviewed my grandma who's dad was in the battle of the bulge and he lost both of his legs

The great thanksgiving listen

I asked about my grandmas life and she gave some good morals

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018: My Grandma’s past – An interview with Chriselle & Nora

In this interview, Nora Ballesteros talks with her granddaughter, Chriselle Tegel, about her childhood in the Philippines. They discuss Nora’s hardship as a single mom, family responsibilities as the eldest child, high school experiences, and life lessons.

Grandmother's interview

Here is my grandma sharing some important things about Joe's life!

Someone Living With Cancer
October 31, 2018 App Interview

Pamela Earney is a woman who has been living with cancer since 2012. In this interview she talks about how cancer has affected her everyday life and the ones around her.

Grandma chat #3

How grandma and grandpa met, among other topics.

How Was Your Relationship With Your Grandma?

I asked my grandmother, who I am very close to, how her relationship was with her grandma's. I live down the street from my grandmother and I know a ton of stories about her and I was curious how her...

Grandma White and Penny Rackey

I interviewed my gma about my sister and herself