Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, my grandma talks to me about her childhood memories and her family.

My Grandma

I interviewed my Grandma for the great Thanksgiving listening project


Talked about how her parents came to the country. And how she loves her religion.

John Remark Nies (1943- )

Get to hear from my wonderful grandmother and some of her interesting stories!

Inside Our Lives

I interviewed my grandmother to get a brief look into her past and present life.

Cold War with my Grandma

I talked with my Grandma about some events of the Cold War

GG thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving conversations about family

Interview with Grandma

Interview with my grandmother, Ella Mae Knight, who will be 90 years old this year.

“My Nonny is my favorite”

My Dad shares some of his sicilian-cuban heritage, and he shares some of his memories.


This is a recording of my grandmother, barbara sifflard, sharing the stories of her life, her perfect love story, and the memories of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

GTL Project – Ashley Jung

For this interview I had the opportunity to interview my grandma (dad’s mom) who lives in Seoul, Korea

Interview with My Lola

In this interview I got to learned that my Grandma was a very hard working mother, wife, daughter, and grandmother. I am thankful that she’s a part of my life.

Grandma Shirley

Following the life of Shirley, living in Philadelphia With 7 siblings and one father


Listening to my grandmas stories and hearing her views on life and family.

Grandma’s Stories

This was about my Grandma with me as the interviewer. She told me about her life. Her belief in God is strong.