Your measure of love for God is measured by your love for people.

Kathryn and I became through friends through Younglife and since then she has become of one my greatest friends. We share a lot of similarities including a love for Jesus.

Impact Lab Interview
December 7, 2018 App Interview

This is an interview from the CATDC Impact Series workshop with Karla about her life and youth

The Big C Word

This is the life of Anne Vaughn. Her life was happy, until the news of her aunt had left her with heartbreak. She tells the journey of her life with her aunt, and left for you to read.

Do you really know??

A story about a kid named starren that would have a semi rough life that would have hard encounters such as love and football

An Inspiration

A strong woman and an amazing single mom to two kids sadly passed away, but the support around the two kids lead one of them to become a teacher as a thank you to the teachers that once supported him....

Seasonal Changes of Life

Two journalism students talking about growing up, first loves and heartbreaks, and future hopes.