Mary and Milan Jaddou

Milan and I talked about growing up, our friendship, love, and regrets.

My Story Matters

Two students interview each other about immigration

Dynasty Perez Interviews Her Dad Mike Perez Jr.

This interview is about my father’s experiences in school and life (what he can remember).

Nicki Stephen and her uncle talk about teenage years in high school.

In this interview, conducted on November 24th 2016 in New Hyde Park, New York, Nicki Stephen (16) interviews her uncle Felix Stephen (36) about his teenage years in high school. Felix Stephen shares stories about his experience in high school,...

Kenny and Alicia Talk About High School.

Two teenagers in 2017 spend time to discuss high school culture, experiences, and traditions.

Mrs. Hollatz thanksgiving listen

We talked a lot about his childhood and about his time being a dad.

Ella and Betty

I interviewed my mom about what her life was like when she was my age and in high school

My Grandpa

Talked about his love relationship, work, school, and his life at home.