“Everybody needs to be needed.” – Amanda on her path to Richmond, career in senior care, and how she engages with her community.

During this conversation, Amanda talks about her role as Director of Leland Legacy and how they approach senior care with Life Lists and laughter. If you have an aging parent, give this a listen!

Liz Delany and Stephanie Appleby

Friends and colleagues Liz Delany (58) and Stephanie Appleby (47) share a conversation about their personal experiences with depression and anxiety, as well as their work to address the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

Interview with Richard Murad

My grandfather addressed four questions throughout the interview... he discussed who he drew greatest inspiration from, and learned from the most, his proudest achievement, some regrets he's had, and what advice he would give to future generations.

Rosa Lee Rothblatt and Janet Lawrence

Janet Lawrence (60) interviews her mother, Rosa Lee Rothblatt (85) about her work as a speech therapist, her time as a Toastmistress, and the women in her family who have influenced her.

“Family First”

In this interview, recorded in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey on November 21st, 2018, Taylor Carr (16) interviews her marching band director Ben Fong (66) about his life and career. Taylor asks many emotional questions about Ben's family life and...

John Douglas Davila, Peter Couture, and Wilma Norton

Long-lost brothers, John "Douglas" Davila (57) and Peter Couture (62), sit down with Peter's wife, Wilma Norton (59), to share the story of how they found one another and connected as brothers after growing up as only children with different...

Sandy Schulz and Betsey LaPointe

Friends, Sandy Schulz (75) and Betsey LaPointe (67), speak about what they love about Wausau, WI and the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. They remember Betsy's mother's warm, creative spirit and how she benefited from the SPARK program at the...

Hollie Rogin and Alan Rogin discuss overcoming adversity

Hollie Rogin, 52, interviews her father, Alan Rogin, 81 about the effects of him spending 9 months in a full body cast at the age of 16, due to post-polio syndrome, and how to overcome the challenges of isolation during...

Prank Phone Call

And prank phone call to 911 turns into a lesson learned

Hilary Schwed & Storey Squires

Hilary, a 7-yr volunteer at Providence Mount St. Vincent (The Mount), explains how serving at The Mount has shaped her and what it is like for her to have a family member live here. He's found a lot of love...

My Momma

Michelle, 40 (mother) Rickila, 17 (daughter) Talking about mom in high school, how she met my dad. Raising kids alone and navigating life from there on.

Lubow Ingram’s college story

How my mom got a college education after coming to the U.S. from Europe.

Joan Stein Jenkins and Sarah Jenkins

Joan Stein Jenkins (54) and her daughter Sarah Jenkins (27) talk about Judaism and Jewish culture in their family, anti-Semitism, visiting Israel, and their family's immigration to the United States.

Jeff’s Life Wisdom

We talked about Jeff’s unique life experiences and stories!

Bronwyn Downey Interviewing Her Father, John Downey

Bronwyn Downey, age 15, interviewing her father, John Downey, age 53, about himself, their family, and the future.

“My middle name is Channel. My life is a Joke.”

In interviewing my sister Dayanara, she touched on things such as life experiences, hardships in terms of self harm, self actualization, the AP program, and everything else in between.

Sarah Lister and Jef Evans

Close friends Sarah Lister (52) and Jef Evans (51) look back on their shared memories from growing up in a conservative community connected to the West Gate Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida.

Carlos Briceño, Jill Briceño, and Alexus Jones

Carlos Briceño (56) and his wife Jill Briceño (43) talk with their daughter, Alexus Jones (24) about how Huntington's Disease has affected their family. Jill and Alexus share their experiences with Huntington's Disease, talk about their ways of coping with...

Nina Dupell and Milissa LaLonde

One Small Step conversation partners Nina Dupell (65) and Milissa LaLonde (68) talk about reproductive rights, healthcare, tolerance, political beliefs, and family.

Gail Sara Weinflash and Clifton Holt Jolley

Gail Sara Weinflash (64) interviews her husband, Clifton Holt Jolley (77), about his experience being hospitalized polio as a child, how his polio impacted his family, personality, and perspective, and the post-polio syndrome that he lives with today.