Hello America
December 4, 2017 App Interview

Learning more about my aunt. Her immigration story. Her struggles. East vs. West preferences.

The Struggle of Immigration from Korea to the United States

My grandmother talks about the struggle of immigration and the cultural differences between Korea and the United States

Interview with Aunt Eva

I ask my Aunt Eva about her experience as a teenager immigrating from Taiwan to the US. She also talks about becoming a mother and finding a job in the US as well as her opinion on technology and fears...

Mom’s imagination interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing my mother Nigisti Rath about her immigration process to the U.S. I learned some interesting facts :)

Riffi O’Brien and Robert Krakow

One Small Step conversation partners Riffi O’Brien (67) and Robert Krakow (55) discuss their religious backgrounds, political views on abortion and immigration, and experiences as bankers.

FinalAudio_Gustavo Gradilla

We talked about my mom and how she came to the U.S. She also told me about her background and first impressions of when she came here.

Living History Project

an interview about my dads life in the soviet union and his upbringing. also describes his challenges in moving to a new country.

A Conversation Between Coworkers: Lili & Abby

Abby (currently earning a Master of Social Work) interviews Lili (currently earning a M.A. in Counseling) about her understanding of her family’s migration in childhood and how her perspective has expanded and evolved throughout her life.

Immigrant Interview – American Studies – 2018
October 17, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, I talk to my mother about how my ancestors immigrated to the United States from Ireland

Immigration Interview Project

A Interview with Wilfrid Chaloux on his immigration from Canada

Being American: Mexican Immigrant’s Opinion

Mexican Immigrant, Patty Salazar, reflects on her past coming to America from Baja California, Mexico and explains what it means to be an American.

Cesia Villatoro and her mom, Claudia Martinez, talk about growing up in Guatemala transitioning into a new country

In this interview, made on June 2018 in Chicago, IL, Cesia Villatoro(17) interviews her mom Claudia Martinez(41) about growing up in Guatemala. She talks about the struggles she obtained in her home country and some she faced as she moved...

The Simple Things

Michelle Dong (15) and her mother, Lily Yang, (50) discuss happiness in life due to family and simple things in New Hyde Park, New York. Ms. Yang talks about how her children brought a lot of happiness into her life,...

Samuel and Haihu Qin Immigration, Childhood, and Major Events

We talked about childhood events, the immigration process, and some regrets and accomplishments. Overall, we focused on part experiences. Haihu talked about what he liked to do as a kid. We then moved a few years later, when he was...

Rick Willis and Sean Gallagher

One Small Step participants, Rick Willis (60) and Sean Gallagher (47), discuss their upbringing, their relationship with their fathers, and how personal political beliefs.

Immigration Stories: Mexico-United States An Oral History – Anonymous 15

Anonymous #15 tells us of what it is to have grown up on the border of Mexico and California, crossing over up to 4 times a week, and to have family in the United States that are impossible to see.

Fernando's Story

Born in Mexico, Fernando was brought to the U.S. as a minor. He is a DACA beneficiary and hopes that a permanent status will soon be offered to all dreamers like him.