Immigration interview

We basically talked about my mom and her experience of her immigration to this country. To be more specific we talked about all the struggles she went through and all the stuff she had to give up to come to...

Klymer Baylo Moves to Michigan for Education

My Aunt Klymer and I talked about how she moved from Honduras to the United States when she as eighteen-years-old where she completed high school and college in Michigan and then moved to California.

Through the Eyes of Africa

Jonah immigrated through adoption from Africa to America. He shares unique experiences about the differences of his two experiences.

Sally and her father talks about immigration "I came to the United States in 1995".

My father talked about the different struggles he had coming to America and how living in America is different/similar in Asia. He also discussed his thoughts on the current president’s law on immigration and his hopes/thoughts for the future generations.

New Country, New Life, Same Person

Muthukumar talks to son Brijesh about his early childhood, the struggles of being an immigrant, and his job, physical therapy. It gets a little of deep at the 5 minute mark.

Klymer Baylo moves from Honduras to Michigan for education

My aunt Klymer and I talked about how she moved from Honduras to the United States when she was 18 and completed high school, and college in Michigan and then eventually moved to California.

“Find your passions.”

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Evan Parker (16) interviews his grandmother Judy Fulton (70) about her childhood and her family. Judy shares stories of what her childhood was like, and what she...

Business as Usual

Over 30 years ago, my dad started his own business. Since then, he has worked numerous jobs and owned different businesses. As someone who is interested in entrepreneurship, I ask my dad about his career, and he highlights some of...

From India to the USA: My grandmother’s story

My grandma and I discusssed her journey immigrating to the United States and her experiences in the U.S.

Interview with my father Spiro

This interview is about my father Spiro on his journey cubby to the US and what it was like growing up Colby from another country at such a young age it also covers his life story and personal aspects.

Part 3: From India to the USA: My grandmother’s story

Part 3: My grandma and I continued our conversation, talking about politics in the 1970s and positive moments in her life. Additionally, we talked about lessons she learned when teaching at a Milwaukee Public School.

Family Immigration in the Late 20th Century (Part 1)

Cristina Rodriguez tells her story of when she came to this country and what it took for her to arrive, as well as how life was when she arrived here.

The Story Of My Dad’s Life

My dad talks about his life as a child and his experiences throughout life overall including his migration to America. Also, he talks about what I was like as a child and what he would like in the future.

Straight Outta Vietnam: (My Dad Terry’s Journey: Starting From Vietnam to Immigrating to The United States)

An interview with my dad Terry Bach, on his life from communist Vietnam to the United States and also discusses his career.

“Streets Paved with Gold” for American Studies-10/6/17

This is an interview with my Grandfather about his parents and his life growing up as the youngest son of an immigrant family from Italy.

Immigration Interview Project

A Interview with Wilfrid Chaloux on his immigration from Canada

“It was my destiny…”
October 18, 2018 App Interview

On October 14 2018, Talal Younis, a first generation immigrant, was interviewed by high school student, Saif Younis. Talal immigrated to the United States in 1968, all on his on, seeking for a better education. His story is told in...

Carter Kowalski – Immigrant Interview

I interviewed my immigrant Dennis Canete, who is an immigrant from the Philippines!

Clara Reynolds interview

The interview of a Puerto Rican immigrant.