Natalia and her Mother

Natalia and her mom talk about her past life in Mexico and her present life in the U.S.

Interview with Alle

My grandmother’s life in Cuba and migration to the U.S.

My dad’s journey/portage

We discussed the hardships about going on a journey in your life.

Interview with my mom.

We talk about what my mom appreciates in life and how her life has changed I’m over the years.

Thanksgiving Listen

My grandpa talks about the hardships of coming to America from communist Poland

Conversaciones culturales

I interviewed my father who crossed the border illegally with nothing.

Immigration with Jacqueline Bukuru & Alexa Burke

What life was like back in Burundi and how it differed from life in America. What the immigration process was like.

Immigration Interview

This interview was about how my father came to the U.S and his experiences throughout the process.

Simon Chester, Marina Chester and Dmitriy Chester

Simon Chester (16) talks with his parents Marina Chester (48) and Dmitriy Chester (54) about moving to america from the ussr

Immigration and Racism with my Dad

Interviewing my Dad on how he experienced racism throughout his journey from Malaysia to the United States

Erin Hernandez and her mother Lhorlee Hernandez talks about immigrating to the United States for the first time.

Conducted on December 2019 at Plano, Texas, this interview between Erin Hernandez (16) and her mom Lhorlee Hernandez (39) talks about the experiences and hardships in immigrating to the land of the United States. Mrs. Hernandez details her journey on...

American Studies Immigration Project

It was an interview of someone you know who is an immigrant to this country used for a school project

“Chase your dreams, education is the key to many other doors”

I interviewed my mom on her transition from a small town in Mexico to living in Chicago. We talked on her journey as an immigrant and her early years here in the states.

Living History Project: Recorded Interview (Cold War & Immigration)

I interviewed my father on life during the Cold War in Yugoslavia. In addition, he explained his immigration journey to the United States.

Conor Beaulac Immigration Interview

Gaberiel and I talked about his experience on coming to America and the differences between the United States and Brazil.

interview with grandma

she talks about her move to the united states and her life!

Immigration Interview with Anne.

Anne and I talked about her experience in coming to the United States. She arrived at Ellis Island with her husband in 1947.

James Interviews His Teacher

James interviews Ms. Jasani about her relationship with her parents and growing up as sn Indian-American immigrant.