Jose goes to Milwaukee, WI

We talk about the immigration of Jose’s family.

36 Years of Learning

My father talks about the experiences he's had as a Mexican-Immigrant and how they differ from the common perspective.

Interview with my grandmother about immigration

Interview with my grandmother who moved from China to the US in the 60s.

December 16, 2019 App Interview

It is about her life in America and how has being an immigrant affected her

Interview with my dad

An interview with my dad about his experiences and memories living in Myanmar (Burma) and then immigrating to America.

Interview with Sulayman and his mother.

Sulayman O’Riley and his mother Doreen Delali talk about her childhood and growing up in Ghana. She relates her experience migrating to the U.S, and how she transitioned between the two countries.

Their Story Interview

This interview is about my mom, Nancy Goetz, and what it was like for her growing up, migrating to the U.S., and raising her kids.

Vladimir Solomonovich: The Experience

My close family friend tells me about what it's like to move across the globe at the ripe age of 21 and leaving everything he ever knew behind in his small Russian home town.

A Mother’s Reflections

An immigrant mother reflects on her life. Commenting on war, immigration, love and loss.

Transitioning from India to America: Dreams, Regrets, and Cultural Differences

Discussion with my father over what he dreamed life would be, what he would change, and what he wouldn’t.

The life of an immigrant child

This is a talk with my aunt about her life coming to the United States

LHP interview part 2

My moms story of her emigrating to the U.S. from Pakistan.

Living History Project – Jonathan Oh

A short summary about my Korea dad’s life and his experience in moving to America