Ek Aurat Ki Kahani (A Women's Story)

My mother dives into her story about her being an immigrant and explains how Indra Gandhi's Assassination caused her to view her life differently.

Immigration Story JR

As long as every other country in the world is in poor condition people will continue coming to the states

Liam Hoyle interviews Comfort Narty about immigration.

Comfort moved to the United States from Ghana, when she was only

Migrating from Mexico to America

Lesly shared her story about migration, adjustment and education opportunity in the U.S.

Richard Mintzer’s Immigration Story

An interview I did with my grandpa, Richard Mintzer. In this interview he talks about his father, Martin Mintzer, who immigrated to the United States from Austria in the early 1900s.

Conversation with my Dad

Growing up in Vietnam during the troubling times of the Vietnam war, my Dad recalls his experiences growing up and transitioning to life in the US.

American Studies Immigration Project

In this interview I spoke with Maria. She is an immigrant from Italy and left her home country when she was 14.

Immigration story of my aunt and uncle for SOWK 732

In India, arranged marriages are the norm. My uncle had two and this complicated his immigration process and created struggles for his family.

Interview with Helen Thorpe

Helen Thorpe, born January 23, 1963, is an Irish-born-American author and journalist. She has written for major American newspapers and magazines, and has authored three books. Her first book, Just Like Us, which follows the lives of four Denver girls...

Service Learning Interview

I spoke with my father about how his immigration story, his childhood, and his biggest influences.

My Immigration Story From India

This is my mother’s immigration story from her home land in India to The United States of America.

Ai Choo Kong – A Life of Resiliency and Compassion

Ai Choo Kong (“Lovely Pearl”), age 84, interviewed by her daughter, Lin Min Kong (“Bright Forrest”), age 52, about her life growing up in Malaysia, including enduring the Japanese occupation, emigrating to the US, and living in rural North Carolina....

Interview with Huipok Blount

This interview is about the life of Huipok blount a Korean immigrant who came to America in the 1970’s when she married her soon-to-be ex husband. She talks about good memories like how she is happy to live in Denver...