“At Wellesley, every leader was a woman. And so to me, learning that women could do all those leadership roles, was really transformative.”

Deborah Birnbach ’87 and Shannon Langston ’87 discuss the strength behind a group of women, and how Wellesley’s positive environment empowered them in their career choices.

“Wellesley prepared me to be fearless.”

Alexa Rice ’11 and her aunt Desiree Rogers ’81 reflect on how their Wellesley experience as women of color prepared them to be bold in every aspect of their life.

Leadership interview project

This is an interview with my Dad who shows leadership skills in his his and past experience in the military.

Interview with my dad

An interview with my dad regarding soft skills and his experiences in the professional world.

Election night @wellesley

Sisters and daughters talk about leadership at Wellesley and in the world.

Everywhere I’ve met up with Wellesley women, I think, ‘Ah ha!’

Martha Teichner and Milly Cooper Glimcher reflect on how their experiences at Wellesley fostered their interests and ambitions, and share their thoughts on how Wellesley prepares women to enter the public sphere.

“I look back on what were the things we felt we accomplished the most.”

Lulu Chow Wang ’66 talks with former Wellesley College President Diana Chapman Walsh ’66 about the importance of seeing female role models in positions of power.

Growing up

My dad talks about what it was like growing up working for his dad and the different challenges and life lessons that came from doing so.


Interview with my Big Sister about leadership and her role as a leader.

Story corps interview project

How my mom takes leadership in her family, and what she thinks about justice

Rosalie Kenward talks with her father, Mark Kenward about his childhood, their family, and life before she was born.

The interview is conducted by Rosalie Kenward (17) with her father Mark Kenward (50). It was recorded in Oakland, California in November 2017. They discuss childhood, moving, family dynamics, the divorce of his parents and the lessons learned from traumatic...

Cynthia Clark talks about her personal experiences, life in Jamaica, and her family.

Olivia interviews her mother’s cousin Cynthia. She is 68 years and was boring in Kingston, Jamaica. Cynthia talks about some of her favorite moments of her life, like when she was the May Queen and she crowned the statue Mary....