A long conversation with my grandpa by his favorite grand daughter

Hi, my name is crystal Avelar. My grandpa and I had a long conversation about everything and anything. He was talking to me about all his memories and his favorite times growing up.

My mom thoughts

My interview was about how my mother grew up and how she thought about life

My Mom
January 19, 2018 App Interview

This interview featured my mom who was talking to me about her own life and how I can use those experiences in my life. I learned a few new things about here through this and for that, I am grateful.

Interview with Aunt

We talked about her personal life experiences.

With My Dad, Alirio

An interview about his life and the lessons he’s learned.

Kaylee Caswell, Tracy Caswell Story court interview

i interviewed my mom about her life. Also about what advice she gives me.


The story of my father’s life.

Family Member Interview-Martin Quinn

My Grandad basically tells the story of his life and what it was like coming to America.

Jensen project

We talked about her life. What her childhood was like and things like that.

Nourishing Napa Interview

Nourishing Napa culminating event interview.

Me and my mom

My mom’s struggle and wisdom on life

Steve Varela

A shirt interview about Steve Varela’s life as a child, love, jobs, and service.

Thanksgiving with my grandmother

Within the interview my grandmother talked about her life, and changes throughout her life.