Interview with Grandpa

Interview with my grandpa. We talked about his life and memory’s we’ve shared throughout

A Journey with Nagib Arabi through life in America

In this interview made on December 6th 2016 in Chantilly, Virginia, Marwa Arabi (15) interviews her father Nagib Arabi (62) about his life from when he was young up untill now. My father tells story’s about what he did as...

Eleanor interviews her longtime friend and first roommate at SFSU Michelle.

I talked to Michelle about growing up in Ventura California, her childhood, and her family. we also discussed her life at college and what it's like being first generation.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This was an interview about what my Dads life was like. It was also about his Ancestors and relatives and what they did.

The Life of Theodora Pollack

This interview revolves around the fascinating life of Theodora Pollack.

Interview With Kinsey

I interviewed a teammate about her life. These questions garner a better look into why she is the way she is today.

Jesus Inteview

Creativity for a lifetime interview

La Bendición de Dios en Rachael

My name is Dania and I’m interviewing Rachael in the house where we met up. The interview is in Spanish and I’ll ask her a few questions about events in her life. I thank Rachael for participating and agreeing to...

Malkia W with Arcene B

This is about different question of my friend past life and the presence

Joan McCarthy, Sister of St. Joseph

This is an interview with my cousin Joan McCarthy, Sister of St. Joseph about her life, for us to share together and with future generations.

Interviewing my dad

I interviewed my dad to see what it was like for him to go from South Africa to America to a settled down life

Interview with Samuel Taye

Arianna L., an intern at Arts Street, had the opportunity to chat and interview an immigrant from Ethiopia. We bring you this podcast episode to discuss his immigration and life story. Samuel Taye came from Ethiopia and now resides in...

Honors College interview of Rabbi Victor

Rabbi Victor discusses the intersection and intertwining of gay and Jewish identities in his life.

Grandma Ginny Sample initial interview

This interview briefly covered Ginny's early years growing up in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, plus her time in Tacoma and Olalla, WA. She discusses fond memories, family, and friends.

Interview with Jonathan S.

Iyanah F. interviews Jonathan who talks about his family's immigration from Honduras.

Interview with Selena Ramirez

This is the story of Selena Ramirez, a 18 year old who has lived in Denver her whole life. Selena is a multi-generational immigrant. Her great grandmother came from Mexico to the U.S. as a immigrant and started a life...

Life stories with my Grandmother Zita Arkushenko

My Grandmother tells me about some of her life stories, talk about her mother which has witnessed horrors of Soviet Government, talk about how she met her husband, and other life stories.

Adil idrissi interviewed by his son Yousef Idrissi

This is an interview by Yousef Idrissi. The person being interviewed is Yousef's father Adil Idrissi