Marriage is a commitment (part one!)

This is the first part of an interview in which Trudy and Bruce describe how they met and what they live about each other after 57 years of marriage.

Love against war

A miracle happened when a soldier who was said to be dead at the front, came home to his wife who always set spot for him.

Gary Darr

In this interview I just asked my papa Gary Darr simple life questions.

A talk with Grandma Naumoff

We talked about her marriage and divorce, some of her highs in life, hopes for me in the future, and “the best day of her life”.

The life of my grandma moving from Mexíco to America.

In this interview which was executed in Mission Viejo, California at 1:30 PM, Dario (14) interviews his grandma Alejandra (75). In the interview, Alejandra talks about how she moved to America from Mexíco to establish a new life. She also...

Importance of Family

In this interview, Carly Settle interviews her grandmother, Cindy Ayers aka “Nanny”, about her family and childhood memories on Thanksgiving. This interview includes stories about her childhood memories in Brigantine. This interview focuses on the importance of family and how...


My grandfather Roger has struggled and had some of his proudest moments in his life.

A Three-Year Journey

After three years of growing together, I interview my high school sweetheart to know what our relationship has been like from his perspective.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Over Thanksgiving break I interviewed my grandmother. I had her answer many important and meaningful questions. After this interview I learned many important life lessons.

A small piece of my mother

A short questioning session with my mother about general topics.

Interviewing my man

I asked my boyfriend a bunch of questions about his life

Interview with Ivette Tomasoni

Spoke about her life moments, achivements, expectations, and regrets.

The Szul Family

In this interview, I had a long conversation with my mom on our family immigration from Poland. We talk about how she had to learn English, our polish heritage, and how our life is now.

My Father’s Journey Through Life

This interview covered many topics related to my father’s life in the past, where he grew up in a poor, rural area / community located in Vietnam, alongside his five other siblings. The interview discussed things such as his most...

Lessons from one generation for the next

A high school teacher reflects on how parenting and teaching are similar and how one prepares you for the other, the best memories from her life, and her hopes for the future of her family.

Cassandra and Wenceslao "Benson" Galvan

Cassandra asks her father, Wenceslao "Benson" Galvan, a few questions about his experience as a Mexican immigrant in the U.S., some stories about her mother/his wife, and other such subjects about his life that she didn't completely know about before.

My adopted life

This is about what my mother had going through her head on why she deciding on adopting kids

"I came back to visit you specifically"

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2019 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Al Ziegler interviews his teacher and mentor Matt Guenther(52) and Matt's husband, Greg Ferree(51). The couple shares about fond college memories together, their friendship before they...