Jodi & Oscar

We talked about how mom and dad met.

Love Struggle

A story about a couple who left their homes to make a living

Growing up

My mom was talking to me about how it was like watching me grow up. Also on what she see’s of me in the future. Lastly she talks about how she know I’m going to be a good man.

With Dad

I talk with my dad about what it was like raising me, and the person that his life has shaped him to be.

Psy230 Intergenerational Interview

Their lives and what has shaped them. Their love for each other, their family, and most of all the Lord

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I’m here asking my mom some questions. She thought they had to be answered very philosophically. She is the femal Plato of her generation.

Sister interviews brother

My brother speaks about his experience in highschool and college

Marje & Tom Woodhams – 70 years of marriage
February 24, 2023 App Interview

Marjorie and Thomas Woodhams have been married nearly 70 years. What is the secret to their success? Kindness and respect for individuality.

Father Daughter

This is a conversation with my father about his life and how much I love him

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Interview with my grandmother

I interviewed my grandmother, she had many stories to tell about her younger years. Shared stories of her growing up living in a full household. She reminisced on meeting her husband of 59 years and shared with me her saddest...

My grandma

My grandma and what her life is like

Aarika Hopson and her mother, Janet Hopson, discuss grief, love, and happiness.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Flushing, Michigan , Aarika Hopson (15) interviews her mother Janet Hopson (51) about her life as a preachers daughter living in Detroit, Michigan with seven sisters and a loving family. At 3:50,...

Final Project

This is a great time with my dear friend. I learned several things about Lisa that I didn’t know before.

Com Project

This was an interview for a school project.

Paige McCullough and Nicholas Ferzetti

Paige and Nick, 18 and 19, before their 7 month anniversary. We talked about our relationship, religion, and family.

Payton Keblish interviews her mom Dana Keblish for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019.

In this interview, Payton Keblish (age 16) interviews her mom Dana Keblish (age 45) in December of 2019. They both reminisce over childhood memories and talk about hopes for the future. They talked about hardships of the past and how...

Papa’s interview

We talked about my papa’s different life events, his marriage, travels, and what he would like to accomplish still. He was very proud and happy to answer these questions and seeing the smile on his face made me happy.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview

Tristan, 14, interviews Joanne, his grandma, 80, about her family and things about the future.