English interview

This interview is about the time my father served in the military.

I love you mommy!!

A few minutes with my mom why she tells about her and our family.

Mother’s enlistment

Interviewing my mother on her time in the military and opinions on national defense

The life of Jessica

Talked about her childhood and then growing up her teenage years and now what she does

Evelyn Barnett asks her Papa Richard Harless about what it was like being in the military and how he met her Nana. Pt 3

I ask my Papa about his how he met my Nana and his time in the Military. The Interview took place in Oxford Mississippi over the phone. The Interview took place on Saturday the 24th and 8:00 am. I interviewed...

His military experience

He was talking about his military experience

My dad, Tony Coke

I sat down with my dad during Thanksgiving break to talk about his childhood and his time in the military.

Interviewing Edwin

This interview was very interesting. I never really asked my step dad about what it was like being in the navy. He inspires me a lot knowing that he was in the navy during a war with another country and...

Hailani Chan-Williams Talks About His Life

In this interview, conducted November 2018 in San Diego, California, Lumina Chan-Williams (16) interviews her dad Hylanie Chan-Williams (48) about his life and what he’s learned from it. Hylanie talks about how he’s grown up, who affected his life, and...

World History Oral History Project

A interview with my grandpa about his time in the military.

Kevin Tamayo Interview

Kevin Tamayo’s sister asks him about some military life experiences.


Quick interview session with my brother on his military experience

Jordan Intervieiwing his mom

In this video we talk about my moms army experiences and how they have affected her

My dad, Bob

I asked my dad about his time in the military and in college

Great Thanksgiving listen with Pop

My grandfather who grew up in Ohio and has lived all over and has worked in many company’s.

My Grandpa Manny

I talked with my grandpa manny and what it was like growing up. He talked about how life was in the military. He also talked ablut how much he has loved his life from what he remembers till now.

Katie and her father Chad talk about life and it’s ups and downs. Part 1.

In this interview, we talked about my dads service in the military, why some people should join, and the good about it. We also talked about life, marriage, and the miracle of birth. Lastly, we talked about everything to enjoy...