A Conversation With My Mother

I sat down to talk with my mother about my 12 year old brother and the challenges that he faces daily.

My Mother

I interviewed my mom and I got to learn some cool things about her


I interviewed my grandmother on Thanksgiving, and listened to her as she talked to me about her motherhood, faith and childhood

Interview With Mom

I interviewed my mom this evening talking about life, childhood, and the future. My mom is the most special person in my life and has shaped the person I am today. It was special to be able to talk about...

Evelyn’s Journey Into Motherhood

I interviewed my mother, Evelyn, who entered motherhood at the tender age of sixteen. She talks about her hardships, accomplishments, as well as a very challenging obstacle she had to overcome.

Day After Thanksgiving With Grandma Pat

My Grandma Pat is 81 at the time of this interview. Also heard in the interview is my mom. Grandma Pat tells her story of what she’s thankful for, how she wants to be remembered, and her story of motherhood....

Interviewing Marina Newton

I sat down with my mom and she talked about her childhood in Peru and stories and experiences being in a poor family, immigrating to the United States and the struggles of the time being so close to 9/11, and...

Lisa (Mom) Marie Curella Dunn

A dialogue between my mother and I discussing about her early family life and her desires for me.

Sammy Finn and Kristen Finn talking about Kristen’s childhood, her kids, and life before and after having kids.

Sammy Finn interviews Kristen Finn on November 26, 2017 in their house, Manhattan Beach, California. They talk about Kristen as a child, her growing up with 3 sisters and divorced parents, her most difficult, happiest, and dumbest moments, her work...

Mamãe e Eu

My mother and I speak, in Portuguese, about her experience growing up, coming to America, and being my mother.

Villa, Isela (my Mom) being interviewed 11/26

We talked about her childhood and what changed her as a person that she is thankful to her family for.

Being A Mother

This interview is about beginning a mother and if you could be something else would you.

Chat with mom

I ( Victoria) get to know my mom ( Eva) a little better. I ask her questions about her life and how she’d liked to be remembered.

Recuerdos de Mi Niñez

Esta entrevista fue hecha a mi mamá acerca de sus recuerdos y cosas que le gustaria que la gente supiera.