Robin Slemenda and Liz Wessel

Robin shared about her life journey with living her life as a vocation and the influence her mother had on her life. She was a pillar of strength. Her mom modeled a life of generous giving to help Her mom...

An insightful view of life

Elizabeth shares some meaningful moments and thoughts

Earl Madden and Tracy Strating

Tracy Strating (52) speaks with her father, Earl Madden (75), about important moments in his life.

Urban Ecology

This interview was done in order to better understand Matt’s experiences in nature.

City Park in Denver, Colorado

On a snowy day in Denver, I sat down with Parks and Recreation’s Executive Director, Allegra “Happy” Haynes to talk about our shared favorite place in the city to gather and play and connect with nature, City Park.

What My Favorite Place in Tacoma Sounds Like

A short clip of who I am, where I am, what day it is and what it sounds like around me!

Becoming a Volunteer Coordinator for the PVLC

Brittany Goldsmith talks about how she got began her interest in nature and later found herself applying for the position of a volunteer coordinator at the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy.

AIP Urban Ecology

Chat with an 80+ year resident of Colorado.

Emma’s happy memory

Emmas memory of the time she went camping for the first time and an important realization.

The Evolution of the Mountain Man: Episode 2 of 3

The second of three podcasts that aims to look at the American mountain men of the fur trade and their lasting impact on the town of Jackson Hole and the American West as a whole. This episode has interviews from...

Noah & Peter and Sharon

Noah Interviews Peter & Sharon about their experiences with nature during COVID-19

Rhina Valentin and Teresita Ayala

Rhina Valentin [no age given] speaks with her friend and mentee Teresita Ayala (41) about her family background, childhood, and her career in media production. Rhina talks specifically about her spiritual relationship with her father, who was killed when she...

Interviewing my House Mom

For my project I interviewed my sorority house mom, Kim Larmee. Throughout our interview I was finding that we had more in common and shared a love for natural beauty. I appreciate Kim for sitting down and talking with me...

Urban Nature Experiences

Today we spoke about experiences in nature, both rural and urban.

Shannon Parry and Michael Parry

Shannon Parry (45) and her husband Mike Parry (45) share memories of their longtime partnership, from how they met surreptitiously in college, the snow filled adventure back country skiing that led to their engagement, the two years they spent traveling...

Mary Mills and April Banks

April Banks (47) talks to new acquaintance Mary Mills (56), an African-American woman who surfs in the LA county area.

Reilly Roberts and Greg Roberts

Reilly Roberts (23) and her father Greg Roberts [no age given] reminisce about their journey walking the Camino de Santiago and by doing so, reflect on the life lessons Greg has instilled in Reilly as she has grown up, such...

Children and Nature

Two wildlife educators discuss the importance of nature in childhood.