Elisabeth Traumann and Don Davis

Ms. Traumann (55) reminisced about her father, Michael, a German who immigrated to Brazil where he farmed. Mr. Davis (58) talks about the history of violence in his extended family.

Their story

An interview with Chris Jarmillo and the things about his life

Thanksgiving Listen – Where mom grew up.

In this interview, we talked about where my mom grew up as a child. We also talked about her family.

Finn Nelson interviews his dad Greg Nelson

In this interview, Finn Nelson interviews his dad Greg Nelson about life and inspiration. They talk about his life and how he got to where he is now.

grandma’s childhood

what school was like’ what her family was like, and what school was like

Joe Marra and Landon Reid

One Small Step conversation partners Joe Marra (57) and Landon Reid (50) talk about how important their parents were to their development, the joys of both having a 5 year old and how to make some politics a win-win situation.

Thanksgiving listening project

And interview if my mom and dad over thanksgiving break

AVID college interview
December 9, 2022 App Interview

interview with parents about college

Thanksgiving Listen

I this interview, my mom talks about her childhood and growing up in a large family in the middle of nowhere. She also goes in depth about lessons she learned from influences throughout her life.

The life of Agustin

Agustin is here to talk about his life as he was growing up as a kid.

Amazing Interview with Pepe Part 1

In this interview, we talked about my grandfather’s childhood, his parents, his various careers, and our family. His childhood was tough. His various careers and hobbies were absolutely amazing and some how connect to each other. I’ve learned so much...

A Parents Influence

Casey Wombacher, currently attending Penn State Altoona College, spoke briefly about his life story. His parents were a key part of his childhood. They make him aspire to be better and work harder. He spoke about bonding with his Father...

TJ Menzer and Dante Huerta

One Small Step conversation partners TJ Menzer (35) and Dante Huerta (25) talk about political registration, religion, and how they defined their sense of morality.

Joanne Graffam Stories of Her Life

We discussed her parents and grandparents and how she met her husband and what my mom was like.


We disscussed what she was grateful for, a difficult moment in her life, and how she would she like to be remembered.

Immigration Stories Italy: Osmil

Osmil is a recent immigrant to Italy from Guatanamo, Cuba having only arrived 7 months ago. Osmil is in the country on a visiting visa living with his sister in Piotello, a town on the outskirts of Milan. Osmil has...

Love, Dad and Mom

An interview with my parents, Jeremy and Lizel Julio, where I learn more about their life and background.

the dad

i talked to my dad for a bit about his life and friends