I asked my mom a series a questions about parenting in relation to me as a child.

Trieu and Timothy Hoang – Father & Son Reflection

Trieu Hoang (55) father of Timothy Hoang (24) discuss the pivotal life moments that shaped Trieu's life.

Assessment part 2

This would be the same summary of my main interview, just had to make this one because I was running short on questions

School interview
December 5, 2019 App Interview

A general overview of some of the things in my fathers life.

Mom and Dad

My parents and I talked about me as a child.

An Interview With My Mom

An interview with my mom where we discuss her childhood experiences such as bullying, international traveling, nose jobs, and more. We also dive into parenthood and how it has influenced and shaped her life.

My Hero

Simply an interview with my dad about his life and how he grew up


I interviewed my dad about his younger days and asked him about my mom

The Great Thanksgiving

I know more about my mom, about her childhood.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my dad about raising my brother and I.

Rudy McMurray and his granddaughter Collins McMurray talk about his life and memories in Birmingham, Alabama

In this interview, Collins McMurray (16), talked to her grandfather, Rudy McMurray (86), about his life and memories. They talked about his childhood, parents, and grandparents. They also discussed his military service and memories of training. He discloses his opinions...

My Mom Remembers Her Parents

In this interview, my mom reflects on her life. She also reminisces on her father.

All about my mother

This about Alma Nunez who grew up in Mexico and America. Its also about her family and friend's also what she would do on school

Erica’s Interview

My mom and I talked about her childhood, life lessons, and moral values that the future generation should take on with their life

My mom and me

My mom and me go through different topics from her growing up to her now as an adult .

Mattie and her sick mother (plus dad)

i interview my mom with a cold, but when i run out of questions i interview my dad. crazy turn of events

My mom and dad

My mom’s was experience when my dad got sick.

English Interview

An interview with my mom about her childhood in New Zealand

Brandon Flores talks about growing up in Brooklyn,NY #northsidechirico

I interviewed my father about how was growing up back then was for him. As well as how was school like. This interview was on November 26,2018 in Brooklyn,NY. He talks about his school life and more all in 4...

Thanksgiving Video

We talked on thanksgiving and I had many questions I asked.