Interviewing my grandma was so fun. I appreciate and understand what she is to me now.

Interview with my Pop
November 27, 2017 App Interview

We talked a lot about family and his history

Rose mallaomo

She tells me about her passed life and how her childhood with the people shw was around like. She also shares very deeply.

The one and only good interview.

This interview is basically about what it was like back in the late 50s when my dad was around and getting jobs and what his experiences where like combing to the U.S.

Who are you?

Asked about her childhood and a little bit of why one part was hard. Asked about her experiences in the school

Final, Mcdonel

My mom and I talked about her childhood, and memories that she’s had of me and herself.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview with my Grammy, we discussed topics such as her past, lessons learned, and more! I am extremely close with my Grammy, but this opportunity lead me to discovering more about my her than I already knew!

The past

This is an interview with my older brother and I talking about his past.

Me and my Grandpa

Me and my grandpa talk about some interesting parts of his past, and his commentary on them.

Learning about my mother

A mother, Gong Yan Fang is interviewed by her son. She is asked about her life as a child, her family whom she hasn’t seen for a while. Though unsure of what a new place would bring her, she still...

Yolanda Rojo 1/7/18

1st interview with my mom to talk about her past and what she is grateful for.

My mom

I asked my mom questions about her life and me

Mom’s Interview

The interview was really about my mom’s past.

Thanksgiving Listen Thing

I asked my mother a couple of questions about what she thought about me and a couple about herself.

David Thomas Griffore – Journalism

My grandfather shares his wisdom and past experiences… kind of like a story of events.

Grandmother Interview

This is an interview for Mr. Saliciccioli’s StoryCorps assignment. I did it with my grandma.

History Interview

The interview was about the past and how it has affected the future.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my mom.

In my interview, I asked my mom some questions that let me into her past. She told me somethings about my grandpa and my dad. I learned about things she did when she was around my age as well.

12 year old sister, Valery, Talks about her life.

Little sister speaks of her past experiences as a small child. She speaks of the environment she grew up in and where she was born, giving details on how her community made her feel and such. She also spoke about...