Grandpa Ed on life and death

Edward Hustoles reminisces on life, spirituality and death.

My Mom and I

During this interview, I sat down with my mother and talked a little about everything. We mainly discussed her childhood and how it was spend compared to my own. Then we transferred to her becoming a parent and having my...

Grandma 2019
November 30, 2019 App Interview

This is an interview looking inside my family history through the lens of my grandmother, Donna Vestre.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

On this interview we talked about the childhood of Karen Rademeyer. In addition, we talked about her love life and religion.

Aditya talks to Madhavi about her viewpoints on life and her upbringing transitioning in to the United States.

In this interview, conducted in 2019, Madhavi talked to Aditya about her childhood and upbringing in India. Madhavi talked about growing up with three sisters in a catholic school, emphasizing the cultural and general differences from the upbringing of an...

Seth Hakes interviews his grandmother, Joyce Rowe, about how life was like back then in Clintonville, Wisconsin.

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Greenbay, Wisconsin, Seth Hakes (17) interviews his grandmother, Joyce Rowe (78), about her childhood in Clintonville, Wisconsin. Mrs. Rowe reminisces of her times growing up on the farm and of her younger...

Adrienne’s interview

I asked adrienne 6 questions from things about her life. Things like love, family, religion, and regrets & got her lovely insight.

My Mother’s Life

In this interview my mother talks about living with her siblings and how holidays were a big part of the family. She talks about her school life in elementary and teachers who were important to her. She talks about relationships...

Beatrice Martinez

She talked about her youth and her families struggle with money. She had to help out around the house and worked with her dad to earn money.

Interview with Papa Yotts

This was an interview with my grandfather about his life and what his values are in life.

“Keep your mouth shut.”

An interview with a German born, Jewish, 82 year old grandma

Papa Mon

My grandfather and I talked about how he met my grandmother, his teenage years, religion and spirituality, and what he wants to leave behind.

Journey to the Center of Eric

This conversation focused on the impact of religion on his life. As well as how his past has shaped his present and future.

My first StoryCorp’s

This was just some words with my mother with the occasional laughs and jokes from my grandmother and sister. #vivabivona


This was about my Aunt giving examples and explaining her belief of her religion and what it means to her and how she acts on it

Thanksgiving Ken Szott with Nathan Pieropan

For an English Project, I interview my grandpa on family, past and what is important to him

Kitchen chitchat with my father about his childhood, religion, and wife.

To start off the interview with my father I asked him questions about his childhood. He told about his school and summer life. Then I started asking questions about his wife and all thoes juicy details. Then we topped the...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Emma Meyer

My mother and I discussed work life, raising a family, and religion. She focused on her experiences as a young girl in the work force and the lessons she learned as a mother. Rae also discussed the pleasures of being...

How my life was like im mexico as a teen

Luis talks about how when he was young there were alot of gangs and religion helped him picked the right way and now has a good life

Samantha Labens

I asked Samantha a series of questions about her personal spiritual beliefs and experiences. She considers herself an 'Omnist', and finds varying beliefs from across the world accomodating.