My sister and me

A conversation with my 7 year old sister , and here insights on life .

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My sister and I talked about some things we have learned growing up together.

Meet My Sister Stephanie

In this interview my sister and I talk about our life and what we mean to each other as sisters.

Little Sister

I asked my little sister questions about her life and she told me about how fun it is to be a kid. She also asked me questions and asked for advice when she grows up.

The great thanksgiving listen

What Tiana Garcia was thankful for. What she wanted to be remembered for.


In this interview we talked about childhood and the people that Nancy admires

Two sisters, Kassidy and Kaylee Brown, talk about growing up together.

In this interview, conducted November 27, 2017, in Massillon, Ohio, Kaylee Brown (14) interviews her younger sister Kassidy Brown (8) about her childhood. Kassidy talks about the relationship between their family and how she feels about her sisters. She also...

Mother and Daughter Talk About Sibling Relationships

I talked with my Mother about her relationship with her siblings. We talked about how they got along in childhood to know. Also, we related her siblings relationships with the relationship between my brother and I.


The three sisters Betty, Janet, and Dorothy talk about their lives and everything from happiness to love to gardening, and everything in between.

Learning about my big sister

Younger sister interviews big sister about her experiences as a child.

My Abuelita

Today, I talked to my Nana about her childhood in Mexico and growing up with four sisters. She talked about sharing one bed with five girls, summer days in the river, eating mangos, and becoming a mother herself. I learned...

A journey to the past.

This was an interview I did with my mother about her past events and thoughts. The interview took place in the kitchen of our apartment in Orange County. I asked my mom about her childhood and how she was raised,...

Lil sis

This interview its a quick view of our sisters relationship

Growing up with a sister with a mental disability

Having a special needs sibling is challenging but all the love and compassion that comes from it makes it all worth it.

Lizbeth Alvarado

Lizbeth Alvarado is my sister, and in this interview she chose her questions.

I interview my mom in the Great thanksgiving Listen Project about our childhoods

I interview my mother about her life and my early years. I learned that my dad never formally proposed to my mom and that he gave her a borrowed ring. I also realized how much my mom truly does for...