Christina O'Guinn and Richard Algea

Richard Algea (46) speaks to his colleague, Christina O'Guinn (45) about their journey as educators and their partnership as part of the Tech Academy. They discuss the lessons they've learned and what excited them about teaching engineering.

"There's something in science for everyone." An Interview with Judy Pu

Judy Pu is currently a grad student at the University of California, Santa Barbara studying Earth Science. We talked to her about moving forward from failure and criticism, the importance of education, and dealing with the loss of a mentor.

"We Have to Understand People Better to Make the Science Work Better for Everybody." An Interview with Prosanta Chakrabarty

As much as Prosanta Chakrabarty loves his job as an ichthyology professor at LSU, his favorite part of the job is making human connections while doing fieldwork around the world. And whether it's trying every single cocktail in a bar...