Caroline Brown & Laura Lelaurin on COVID-19

Caroline Brown asks Laura Lelaurin questions about how COVID-19 has affected her life and how it compares to other crises in her life.

Josh Smith Interviews his mom.

Josh Smith: 2020-04-27 22:31:15 Son Interviews mother.

“Laurie Diagne and Billie Riepma”

Laurie Diagne: 2020-05-02 19:58:30 Laurie Diagne (46) talks with her lung donor’s mom, Billie Riepma (53) about her son, Dillon, loosing a child and the amazing bond they have formed.

Issiah Carrera

Issiah Carrera: Interviewer. Angie Carrera (18 years old) Cousin to the interviewer. questions about being in quarentine due to covid-19.

Coronavirus personal effects

this interview touches on how my friend Troy feels during the Coronavirus being that he is high risk.

Luke Velte's(14) Interview with his Grandparents Robert (72) and Ivy(73)

Here I am interviewing my grandparents about their life and other things about life.

Merak Purtteman and Rayhan Sharairus

Rayhan Shairus (13) talks with his classmate Merak Purtteman (14)