German Cahuantzi & Jennifer Ruiz on Racial Tensions 2020

German Cahuantzi: 2020-10-09 Problems with Discrimination, Stereotypes, Racial Injustices

Mark Lob & Nancy Heller

Mark Lob (21) talks with his mother, Nancy Heller (59) about her mother, Joan Pereles Heller and her memories growing up in Wisconsin.

Ellen Oakes and Kate Nowicki – Criminal Justice Immersion Volbreak

Ellen Oakes: 2020-10-17 14:58:11 Ellen Oakes (19) talks with her friend Kate Nowicki (20) about mass incarceration and the criminal justice system in America.

Liv Hedstrom and Lexi Surbaugh.

Liv Hedstrom: 2021-01-06 17:18:06. Liv Hedstrom (14) talks with friend, Lexi Surbaugh (13) about life and hardships.

Noah Le Beau & Alan Black: Life, Covid- 19 & Meditation

Noah Le Beau: 2020-10-09 18:19:21 Noah Le Beau and Alan Black are family friends. Alan knows Noah's father from law school and Noah interviewed Alan for a class project. They talked about Alan's life, the impact of Covid-19, and the...

Storycorps project for school

Elicea Sander: 2020-12-19 02:06:19 Elicea Sander(16) talks to her aunt Alisha Lochmann(31) about her life and growing up.

Cam Ferri interviews Samantha

Cam Ferri interviews his sister Samantha on how she goes through the creative process.

StoryCorps Connect Jun 06 2020 11:21 pm

Me and my father chat about what has changed in our lives.

Abby Ross interviews her dad, Randy.

Abby Ross (14) interviews her dad Randy (42), a first responder, and gets and understanding of his thoughts about the COVID19 pandemic and how it's been effecting him.

"A person with a purpose" Jaquana Greenwood and Shatika Turner

The participants are Shatika Turner (30) and Jaquana Greenwood (25) they are family friends. The topic of the conversation was the achievements and challenges of a person that has a disability.

StoryCorps Connect Nov 19 2020 10:10 pm

David Art (50) talks with his son, Austin Art (18) about his childhood growing up in Rhode Island, England, Florida, Virginia, and Hawaii.

English "Person of Inspiration" interview

This interview is conducted by me(Hayden, 14) and I am interviewing my grandfather(Jak, 76)

Brooke Brown WATOY2021 and Erin Jones

Brooke Brown talks to mentor Erin Jones about teachers.

Ian Shook

Ian Shook: Classmate interview