Music through a lifetime

Music has always been a part of my fathers life. That’s why I asked him to share some of his favorite memories and experiences with music.

Poetry and Life

Betty Cortus talks about her PhD defense, favorite poets and reads her poem "Words" as well as discusses old poetry's connection to new poetry, performance rap, changes in society and technology.

My grandmother

A quick summary of my grandmothers life and technology throughout the years

Syed haider thanksgiving listen

This was about my grandfathers life and the things that he went through. He also explains his childhood without advanced technology. Another thing that he tells us is his job and also what he wanted to do when he was...

Growing up in the 1970’s

Just how different do you believe the 70’s were? To answer your question they are very different. The people did not even dress the same as people now. Imagine living in a time where there was so little technology that...

Growing up in a digital world

An interview talking about the evolution of media technology and mass communication over the course of 20 years. As well as discussing other media technology and communication questions.

Diging Deeper into my Grandma’s History

Because of this video I learned a lot more about my grandmas childhood and some of her favorite memories. I also discovered a lot of new things about my grandma!

Interview with Katy James

I talked to Katy James, my mother, about her childhood, college, career, and many life accomplishments. We also talked about advice for future generations as well as 9/11.

Amit Acharya and Aditya Srikanth

Amit Acharya(18) connects with Aditya Srikanth(18) on his passions of engineering. However, with a worldly perspective, he expresses his thoughts on immigrant parents, the future of technology, social media psychology, and society as whole.

Interviewing my amazing grandpa

In this interview, I talked with my grandpa. We talk about his childhood in Chicago and his time working in the technology world.

Jonah Erdman with Carter Teed discussing cinematographer Shane Kinsman

Jonah Erdman (16) talks with Carter Teed (20) about his experiences with cinematographer Shane Kinsman and how Shane has had a major influence on his life.

Shannon 5/20/19

In this interview, Erin interviews her mother about growing up in a religious family in Greeley and the time culture shock she experienced when she moved to Baltimore for college. Her mother shared stories about her travels to Mexico and...

Living Before Modern Technology

People grow up in the modern world with all sorts of new and fancy technology, but how was it like for someone like my father Kevin Morgan who was in his teenager in the 70s and grew up before this...

Shirley Lowe and her great nephew Andrew Cook talk about growing up in the Great Depression

In this interview, conducted on November 22nd 2018 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Andrew Cook (17) interviews his great aunt, Shirley Lowe (80) about her childhood during the Great Depression and how the world has progressed. She also talks about the technological...


An interview from the older generation to the youth about technology.

World History Interview cont.

I talked with my grandfather about his life and then I told him how he changed my life.

“It's hard to say what's going to get invented and eventually end up being in everyone's homes.” An interview with Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is an AGU member who has been coming to Fall Meeting for years. He discusses some of the keynotes he’s attended in recent years, like those by Jerry Brown, Elon Musk, and Dan Rather. A sci-fi enthusiast, Richard...

The Paul Studer Story

He lived in Nazi-occupied Europe, befriended Louie Armstrong, and aided in work on one of the first ever computers as a professor: Paul Studer is an immigrant, an artist, a father, and a friend. This is his story.

When I am really down, I know I can rely on them.
December 2, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, Brandon interviews his friend Zoe in her house about her childhood memories. Zoe talks about the friends she played with when she was younger and people that had a major impact in her life. She also discusses...

Thanksgiving interview 2017

Interviewing my Mawmaw Gloria Boudreaux (age 75) my age-17. We spoke about her childhood, the schooling she went through and her experiences at school in contrast to present day schooling. We also spoke of family traditions such as Cookie Sunday...

In Home Devices

Courtney and I talked about in home devises.

Technological development affect on life

I am interviewing my father about how his life was affected by the development of technology.

"I didn't have a phone till I was around 50"

And interview between Adonnika West (19) and her grandmother Susan, (71). This interview was made for my COmm240 class and was a wonderful experience. 2/21/2021