"There's something in science for everyone." An Interview with Judy Pu

Judy Pu is currently a grad student at the University of California, Santa Barbara studying Earth Science. We talked to her about moving forward from failure and criticism, the importance of education, and dealing with the loss of a mentor.

Tracy Benning and Mary Wardell

Mary Wardell (50) interviews Tracy Benning (53) about her career as a African-American woman in science. Mary and Tracy discuss how more women and people of color can break into STEM.

“My science is all about sharing.” An Interview with Paula Buchanan

For Paula Buchanan, disaster scientist and emergency management researcher, the whole point of science is to share it with others so that it can benefit everyone. We talked to her about being a “degree collector,” persevering and setting boundaries in...

“Well, it isn’t necessarily what I planned, but it certainly sounds like an exciting job.” An Interview with Melissa Trainer

Melissa Trainer is a planetary scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and is working on the upcoming Dragonfly mission. We talked to her about pitching Dragonfly and finding out whether it got accepted on TV, accepting opportunities you didn’t...

"I like to say that being an astronomer involves a lot of things that my mommy never told me." An Interview with Marcia Rieke

Marcia Rieke has had to take a break from her job as a professor of astronomy at the University of Arizona recently because she is currently the principal investigator of the Near Infrared Camera being launched on the James Webb...