Charlotte Tyree Aderholdt tells grandson John Heiberger about some significant memories and historical recollections.

In this interview, conducted November 2019 in Birmingham, AL, John Heiberger (16) interviews his grandmother, Charlotte Tyree Aderholdt, about her significant memories from childhood and young adulthood as well as historical recollections during this time. Mrs. Tyree-Aderholdt shares stories about...

Mama Bailey tells all

An interview with my mother Diana about her life and her career

The Space Shuttle Challanger of 1986

In this interview my grandmother recalls the tragic event of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986.

Space Shuttle Explosion 1986

My father watched the live video of the space shuttle “Challenger” explosion in his school as a young child and he described his experience on how he felt about this tragedy.

Space with Mr. Bolden

This was about his life as an astronaut during challenger and the launch of the Hubble telescope.

My Grandma and Her Story

The Moon landing was an important part of history that led to more technological advancements including computers and dried foods Hashtags: #thegreatlisten #mygrandmasstory #Apollomoonlanding


Talked about how life is small and how you learn a lot when you are a kid

"I just kept learning more things or finding a niche." An Interview With Michael King.

Michael King is a Senior Research Associate in the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado. He previously worked at NASA for 3 decades in a variety of roles, including Senior Project Scientist of NASA’s Earth...

From Planetary Detection to Planetary Protection – Ved’s Journey to Becoming a NASA Scientist and Inventor

Dr. Ved Chirayath is both director and lead research scientist for NASA’s Laboratory for Advanced Sensing (LAS) at NASA Ames in Mountain View, California. His research is focused on inventing new instruments and technologies to map the ocean and planetary...

"A lot of teachers that I had as a child they inspired me and I was like man, I really like what they do." An interview with Brian Campbell

Meet Brian Campbell, a NASA Senior Earth Science Specialist who works with satellite missions like ICESat-2, SMAP, GPM and with the NASA GLOBE Program, including the NASA GLOBE Observer Citizen Science App. He is passionate about making the plethora of...

"I love the fact that we're serving the public." An interview with Dana Bolles.

Dana Bolles works for the Science Engagement and Partnerships Division at NASA Headquarters. She was first hired as a Payload Safety Engineer with the Kennedy Space Center and since then, has worked at four NASA centers in mission support roles...

Don Clark is interviewed by his granddaughter Anna Liz

Don has given 400 units of blood, won a community service award, spoken to the president, and worked on the space station. He’s pretty cool.

"We look at life in extreme environments and learn about what life can do, how it adapts." An interview with David Smith.

Dr. David Smith is a microbiologist at the NASA Ames Research Center. David led the design, construction, and validation of two NASA Balloon Program payloads carrying biology experiments (E-MIST and MARSBOx) as well as the use of a bio-aerosol collector...

Will Savoy’s interview with Gary Savoy

Gary Savoy and myself discussed what he did during the 1980’s and how he viewed things. The 80’s were full of massive achievements and things that moved the standard for many fields of study which resonate still to this day

Snowpack Modeling with Indigenous communities

AnnaClaire Marley is a summer intern at NASA's Ames Research Center investigating snowpack variability in the Navajo Nation. She recently graduated from UC Santa Barbera with a Master’s in Environmental Science and Management studying climate change and environmental data analysis....

"If you want something bad enough, you can work hard and get it or you can at least try." An Interview with Shobhana Gupta.

Dr. Gupta was unsure of what she wanted to work on after finishing medical school, but she found her calling and is now the Open Innovation and Community Applications manager at NASA headquarters. Listen to Dr. Gupta talk about her...

"It's just amazing to go to a new place in the solar system and discover someplace new." An interview with Paul Mahaffy.

Dr. Paul Mahaffy is the director of NASA's Solar System Exploration Division at the Goddard Space Flight Center. Raised in Eritrea, Paul became fascinated with the diversity of life at a young age, but did not have his sights set...

"With Earth Observations I saw it as a great challenge and opportunity to study our planet." An interview with Vince Ambrosia.

Vince Ambrosia is a Senior Research Scientist at NASA Ames, Adjunct Faculty Member in the Department of Applied Environmental Sciences, College of Science, California State University – Monterey Bay, and also serves as the NASA Applied Science Program, Associate Program...

Community-based Science and Capacity Building with NASA and the Navajo Nation

Dr. Amber McCullum is an Applied Research Scientist for the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute (BAERI) at NASA Ames who is currently co-developing a drought tool with the Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources that includes remote sensing and ground-based...