"At an early age, I was exposed to all things NASA." An interview with Christina Lim.

Christina Lim is an Experiment Support Scientist with the Cell Science Project and the Biospecimen Sharing Program at Paragon-Tech, who work with NASA Ames. She is also a passionate science communicator and has worked in public outreach and education. In...

"Dealing with science, it's like having a detective job." An interview with Meloe Kacenelenbogen.

In this interview, Dr. Meloe S. Kacenelenbogen discusses her expertise in ‘aerosols,’ suspended particles in the atmosphere. These small particulates can affect air quality and human health and can also impact the Earth’s radiation balance. We also discuss why she...

"The sun kind of affects everything here on Earth in one way or another." An interview with Nicholeen Viall.

Nicholeen Viall is a research astrophysicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, with her research focus being the sun and solar wind. Listen to Dr. Viall talk about her start in space science, her greatest accomplishment, and her hopes for...

Interview with Robert Andrews my grandfather and rocket scientist. Part 2

In the second part of the interview we discuss his career as an engineer working on the CORONA spy satellites, black projects, and Voyager 1-2 for NASA.

"Most of these happenings have been because technology became available that could realize the vision." An interview with Eric Lindstrom.

Meet Eric Lindstrom, a former Physicial Oceanographer for NASA who now works with Saildrone, Inc to map the ocean floor. Eric spent his first day at the beach when he was 3 days old and has been fascinated with marine...

"We're going to be able to help the planet." An Interview with Cynthia Rosenzweig.

Cynthia Rosenzweig has been studying earth's changing climate and its impacts on agriculture for over 2 decades, yet she continues to be fascinated by the subject on a daily basis. Dr. Rosenzweig currently heads the Climate Impacts Group at NASA's...

“When I was young I always knew I wanted to be a meteorologist.” an interview with William Putman

William Putman, research meteorologist with NASA , was always fascinated by the way meteorologists on television could predict what was going to happen. But instead of comparing weather reports with the blowing of the trees outside his house, Putman now...

"You have to believe in yourself and your project more than anybody else, and you have to sell it." An Interview with Amy Winebarger.

Dr. Amy Winebarger is an astrophysicist in the Heliophysics and Planetary Science Office at NASA. Listen to Amy talk about what makes sounding rockets awesome to work with, the rewards of being a mentor, and how a New York Times...

The Moon Landing of 1969

Interview about the Apollo landing on the moon featuring someone who experienced it in 1969.

A conversation with an Alaskan cyber security professional
November 30, 2021 App Interview

I needed to talk to someone who I didn't know a whole lot about but wasn't boring. So I chose a family friend who grew up in Alaska and later moved to L.A.

Reflecting on the first Moon landing

On May 8th 2019 teens from the MyDurham program interviewed mature adults about their memories of the first Moon landing in 1969. In this recording we hear about what it was like witnesses the landing as a 14 years old...

"We can always do something and we should always do what we can when we can." An interview with Brian Cairns.

Brian Cairns works for the NASA Goddard Institute for space studies in New York, where he focuses on developing instruments that will make better measurements of small particles in space. In this interview Dr. Cairns discusses his start in engineering,...

The Space Shuttle Challanger of 1986

In this interview my grandmother recalls the tragic event of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986.

Space Shuttle Explosion 1986

My father watched the live video of the space shuttle “Challenger” explosion in his school as a young child and he described his experience on how he felt about this tragedy.

Mama Bailey tells all

An interview with my mother Diana about her life and her career

Space with Mr. Bolden

This was about his life as an astronaut during challenger and the launch of the Hubble telescope.


Me and my grandma’s fiancé talked about his work in NASA. He worked on the Apollo mission that went to the moon.

The Challenger Space Shuttle Explosion

Mrs. Wilson shares her thoughts and experience when the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded in 1986.

Charlotte Tyree Aderholdt tells grandson John Heiberger about some significant memories and historical recollections.

In this interview, conducted November 2019 in Birmingham, AL, John Heiberger (16) interviews his grandmother, Charlotte Tyree Aderholdt, about her significant memories from childhood and young adulthood as well as historical recollections during this time. Mrs. Tyree-Aderholdt shares stories about...