Me and my dad

This was a interview with my dad almost all about his life

Moms are the Best

Two of my mom explain how parenting goes in the family.

Naomi 7y/o

I talked to Naomi about Parents, siblings and school.

Drinking with Gen!

This is the interview with Genesis TaFari on a Sunday afternoon drinking in her yard

Very deep and inspiring questions with Megan and Jack!!

We talk about the meaning of life and what our goals for the future are.


My grandmother and I talked about her childhood and her memories as a child

Roy Huckeba and Amy Huckeba

Roy Huckeba: 2020-12-04 19:06:49 Interview between Husband and Wife about past lessons and what it was like growing up.

1994 Northridge earthquake experience

I (Nicholas Banszegi) asked my mom (Jacqueline Taylor) what it was like to live through a earthquake.

Interview my mother of memory

Different questions of memory and what it means to us.

My brother(Fortnite)

This was supposed to be serious and interesting but I guess not. He just did what he wanted.

Some now and Some of Tomorrow

Sorry I did not present my picture. I were having a bad hair day. I have decided to do more recordings and there will be pictures of me there.

Immigrant Interview Project

An Interview on an immigrant who migrated to the US from Uruguay

Story Corps-Cameron Handel, Period 3

I asked my grandpa a couple questions about his life. There was a total of 5 questions asked.

Step dad

It was about my step dads enjoyments and like what he went through

An interview with my mom

My name is Maxmilian Mizis (16) and I interviewed my mom, Macy Geiger (43). We talked about what it was like living with two other siblings, her grandparents, school, and her job and how its changed from what she originally...