The Move To America: Will She Or Won’t She?

A Brasilian women meets an American Man around 2003, they soon plan to get married, but what is the process of bringing someone from another country to live in America? Is it smooth sailing all the way through, or is...

sociology interview

I interviewed my dad about his life in brazil and how he came over to Americans and his experiences.

Interviewing my Mom about her experience working in Brazil

Me a 16 year old junior in high school, interview my mom, a management consultant. About her 4 month stay in Brazil working in the United Nations Development Program. Starting in the capital of Brazil and ended in San Paulo.

Hank Ebert and Maione Carrijo

Hank Ebert (64) interviews his wife Maione Carrijo (58) about her life in Brazil before she married him and moved to Idaho. Maione then interviews Hank about his unique upbringing as the child of diplomats, living in various countries from...

Modern day independence #Raser

This is the story of my sister‘s life. How does traveling affect your family relationship and which place do you call home when you life everywhere.

From the Midwest to the OC

Mark and Karen Anderson are siblings who are 10 years apart and spent years away from each other to now reunite in the OC. Stories of their midwestern upbringing in a religious family and how that impacted their lives.

Theodora Niemeyer and Roger Norgaard

Theodora Niemeyer (82) interviews her friend Roger Norgaard (83) about his childhood, his golfing career, his experience flying helicopters for the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War, and the story of how he and Theodora, who were high school...

Interview with Ivette Tomasoni

Spoke about her life moments, achivements, expectations, and regrets.

Ethnic Lit Autoethnography
December 10, 2022 App Interview

I’m Livia Graf and I’m being interviewed by Liv Scadina. We’re both seniors and go to school together. This podcast is about our Ethnic Literature final, where I wrote an essay about how a girl in my class thought I...

Peter Savage, Serena Savage, and Lina Moscarella

Peter Savage (82) shares a conversation with his daughters Serena Savage (51) and Lina Moscarella (49) about their mother, who they lost to Alzheimer's. They discuss how Peter and their mother met, what their life was like together, and remember...

Tal Sims and Roger Godwin

One Small Step partners Tal Sims (56) and Roger Godwin [no age given] discuss their experiences abroad and how it affects their view of the United States government and politics. Tal talks about his experience in the US Navy and...

The great thanksgiving listen
November 27, 2017 App Interview

We talked about my Pappy’s life,his career,his life when he was in the military,and what he thinks of me.

Jacobs interview

Overall what was talked about in this summary was my friend and teammate kristna from Brazil. Explained where his family was from and the background but also when he started playing soccer.

An Interview with an Immigrant

This is an interview conducted with my father, Mauricio Souza, and his life in Brazil and his journey to the United States.

Gulshan Mia and Eleanor Whitney

Gulshan Mia (40) talks with her friend, Eleanor Whitney (38), about growing up in Apartheid South Africa, the imposter syndrome and shame she continues to feel as an Indian and Muslim, and how acting has provided an outlet for her.

historian google slides presentation

interviewing my mother, Vivian Zain. about her childhood in Brazil and coming to United States with my dad.

Immigration: Then and Now

An interview with a Brazilian immigrant who came here in the 1990s.

Immigration; Then and Now

William Vasquezi, age 15, interviews his grandmother Vera Torres-Tortelli, age 65, about her immigration from Brazil to the U.S.