Past, Present, Future.

we talked about what she did in her childhood and how well it went and how her parents raised her to be the person she is today, great.

John McNeilly and Josiah Gonzalez

I talked to John Mcneilly about his job. He works as a nurse.

Interview with Serena

A quick Q & A with my girlfriend, just before our one year anniversary.

Me and my mom

We talked about her feelings.And I asked her questions

Parenting Interview with My Grandma

I interviewed my grandma about her experiences with parenting her four children, including my dad.

My dad

I have loved my dad forever and we always talk and have great conversations with each other. I have been missing him since I went away to college but after doing this interview I know that we are still very...


Interview with my grandma about her life,especially with my grandpa.

Facts about our life

It’s was talked about our life and what we would like to remember about it

South Central LA: A Real Prespective

Justin Rogers, a south central Los Angeles resident, speaks the truth about growing up with racial profiling and police brutality. He expresses the gap that has been made between the citizens of LA and the police; furthermore, decisions he’s made...

Overcoming Grief

This interview is about my mother, I interviewed her about the loss of her mother, who would’ve been my grandma that I never got to experience meeting.


We talked about how she thought how I was influenced by her and her earliest thoughts about me.

John Marc Relos: Unknown American

I interviewed John Marc Relos. He came from Phillipines when he was 15. He came here to avoid corruption and homicide and start a better life in United States. He is like many immigrants who come to US to have...

Story of Riley Waterson

Riley answers some questions I have for her about her personal life and her experiences.

The Iranian Revolution of 1979, Through the Eyes of a Fleeing Immigrant

Pamela Shamshiri was nine years old when the Iranian Revolution began. Pamela and her mother and brother were in Los Angeles for Christmas when the revolution started. Her father went back to Iran, but the other three family members stayed...

Gratitude with a side of Alzheimer’s.

I did this interview with my who is living with Alzheimer's Disease. Her Assited living in Calabasas was under evacuation from the Woolsey fire, but the building made it and they are back home today. So much to be grateful...

Story Corp Project Interview Ryan Bishop

This interview, conducted in Lafayette, Colorado on the 20th of May 2019, Ryan Bishop interviews his dad Justin Bishop about his experiences in life. The interview discusses such things as Justin's experience as a guitarist trying to make it big,...

Jack Reid and his grandmother Leslie Wilhelm talk about her life in Laguna Niguel, California.

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Laguna Niguel, California, Jack Reid (16) interviews his grandmother Leslie Wilhelm (79) about her life. Ms. Wilhelm provides stories about how she looks at life today and life in the past. She...