Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview most of the questions asked were about my dads childhood and the things he’s been through historically.

"School over back then in India was very different. We had to go to school on Saturdays!"
November 30, 2021 App Interview

Priyanka Guha, the oldest out of 5 siblings, used to live in India for her entire childhood, and only moved to the U.S.A when she got married. In this interview, she talks about her Indian childhood, and about her times...

Pisheon Vang – Proof the American Dream is Alive

Pisheon discussed the challenges his dad and mom faced coming to America and how they became successful business owners. Pisheon also talks about some cultural events that take place in America.

My interview with my brother Cristian

Marlene Garcia: 2021-09-11 22:04:54 The past steps taken in his life to get where he is now.


Talking to Dad about overcoming hardship

Veronica Pinzon’s Life

Short interview about my Mother’s life as a kid, teenager, and young adult.

A Little Insight into Kathleen's Past
September 1, 2021 App Interview

Avery Boyse interviews Kathleen Boyse, her 55-year-old mother. She shares stories from her childhood and describes her father George Sennett and his mother Erminie (Mimi) Sennett. She also talks about her career and the qualities she would like to be...

Ari Ohriner- Person of Inspiration

This is an interview of Terry Winograd about his life and his perspectives on various topics that seemed interesting to me. He talks of his career, family and religion.

My Grandfather

A few weeks after my grandfather on my dad’s side’s death, we sit down and talk about him.


His name is Miguel, he likes to be with his mother, he is 16 years old, he is a student and works and more questions about him and things like his best memory his favorite person


we talk about how covids like and how im still the baddie that i am periodt.

Our Grandmother

Here i interview my grandmother, as her granddaughter i ask her a set of 15 questions and she tells me about herself and how she grew to be the women she is today.

History a interview Finals

Me and my mom did this interview about the Covid-19 and the importance and our experiences. My mom does not speak the best English but she managed to give answers that she thought were reasonable. This was very fun to...

Meet my grandma

My grandma,Rita, came to American with my mom a very long time ago . I was the first generation in my family to be born in America. My grandma is now retired, and lives with me and my brothers. She’s...

Learning about Mom and her past.

In this interview conducted by Isaac Morales conducted on November 14 2020 we learn about his mother’s past. Norma Parra tells his son about what her life was when she was younger and how it made her who she is.

Service Learning Project

Service Learning Project for my APUSH class. Talked to my mom about her life and me.

Asking Lisa Brei About the Election

I asked Lisa Brei the questions “How secure is the election in your opinion?”, “What do you hope comes from this election”, and “How do you think the results will affect the future?”.

Laura Otto Phillips chats with her mom, Betty Otto, who says, "I'm a lover, not a fighter!"

Laura Otto Phillips, age 60, has a conversation with her mother, Betty Otto, age 94. Betty chats about growing up on the South Side of Chicago, rationing coupons in WWII, meeting & marrying a US Coast Guard officer Larry Otto....

The early life of Ryen Caenn

The Carico’s settled Oklahoma in the Cherokee Strip land rush. From humble beginnings grew a successful scientist.

Sister Brother time

Asked my brother how his education and values were like and his sets and goals which developed more of an understanding for me to know him better.