Suzy Banuelos & Rebecca Webster

Suzy & Rebecca both work for Providence Health in Napa California, but met because of their love of volunteer work they love to do in their community. One of those community outreach programs Providence works with is the Napa Resource...

Interview with my grandmother

I did an interview with my grandmother who lives in Buffalo, New York. We talked about her childhood and how it was growing up.

My Sister’s World

in this interview my sister and I talked about how much she means to me and how proud she is of myself and how she got through her hardships and made herself the woman she is today .


We talked about different memories in life and our friendship

Interview with Rachel Velasco

This is an interview that gets to go behind the scenes of my grandmother’s life and understand what historical events that may have effected her before and even now.

Me and my Mom

My mom has been taught and teached me many lessons when something has happened

The Ticonderoga experience with Thomas Lange

In this interview we talk about the navy, war, and the life of a Sailer. Thomas Lange talks about his most fun and scariest moments on the aircraft carrier. This is a great story for people interested in the navy...

APB- Alize Centeno’s Interview with Ivonne Gomez

In this interview I was able to learn more about my mom and her childhood as well as her future plans.

Meredith Davis, Carol Martin, and James Martin

Meredith Davis (47) interviews her parents, Carol Martin (70) and James "Jim" Martin (75), about their marriage and life together as they mark their 50th wedding anniversary.

Patricia Keating, Lorrie Keating Heinemann, and Robert Keating

Siblings, Lorrie Keating Heinemann (60) and Robert Keating (61), interview their sister, Patricia "Pat" Keating (78), about her early life, her work, her hobbies, and how she learned to navigate life as a blind person. They also share some favorite...

Grandma’s history

I interviewed my grandma about her life in her youth.

Jadene Mayla and Shira Smillie

Facilitator Shira Smillie (26) interviews new friend Jadene Mayla (48) about her experience with permaculture, buying land in West Texas, and her project “Zombie Permaculture.” Jadene also shares her reflections on spirituality and co-creating with the natural world.

My husband, Collin.

This is about my husband’s life including his childhood, teenage years in bands, his work life in IT, remembering relatives and a great friend that passed on, being agnostic, our friendship turned to love and advice for others. Interviewer: Cynthia...

Julieona interview with her grandma

Today I did an interview with my grandma tammy cummings and I learned a lot more about her

Childhood Anecdotes of Victor John Nelli Jr.

This interview took place on the 26th of November 2017 in Studio City California between Cleomene Nelli and his dad Victor John Nelli Jr. During this interview, Victor Nelli talks about childhood experiences he went through while growing up. The...


We talked about her life (relationship with my father, my childhood, her parents and siblings, etc.)

DIY Ski Mask

My step-father tells us how it was like growing up with a strict mom in the country and how he decided to make his very own ski mask.

Kyle Yett Great American Listen Project Interview on Thomas Yett

This is an interview I did on my Father asking him various questions relating to his childhood to his political beliefs at this very moment in time

Interviewing my best friend

This interview was made to my mom who is also my best friend.

"Iris Brito Stevens and Rena Oppenheimer- Black Lives Matter Uprising-An Embodied Experience"

Iris Brito Stevens (59) talks with Rena Oppenheimer (30s) about her experience during the Black Lives Matter Uprising that took place in Oakland, California (aka Ohlone land) in the summer of 2020. The goal is to learn something meaningful about...