Charles Ewing on Immigration and Ancestry

Charles Ewing discusses the values of his ancestors. He also speaks about his views on immigration.

From Colorado to LA

My name is Grace Schiff, I am 14 years old, and I interviewed my aunt, Melissa Malone, in Encino, California. She grew up in Colorado, but moved to Los Angeles because of her love for acting. In this interview she...

Ariana and Anabel

Me and my mother just talking about how its like to be a mother.


This is a casual and interesting interview of my mother

Karen’s Life Story

We learn about Karen’s life, hr childhood,her struggles and her accomplishments.

Daniel Hensler talks with his father Joeseph Hensler about his past and everything that led up to their move to Denver,

I’m this interview, conducted in May 2019 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Daniel Hensler (14) interviews his father Joseph Hensler (48) about his life up to his move to Denver, Colorado. Joe shares stories about his life in St. Louis and...

OC interview
November 15, 2017 App Interview

We talk about stories from his childhood and teen years

The history of an immigrant from Nepal

This interview evaluates how the experiences we gain influence our beliefs and faiths. As an immigrant from Nepal to the US, Sudesh describes his experiences with this dramatic move. He recollects on the differences of the two countries economically and...

Taylor Rix & Ellen Rix

Today I talked with Ellen who is my grandmother. She talked to me about her life and how it was growing up for her and how she travelled around the world with her husband and how she had two children...

US History Project

My Dad’s family history. His life and how it has shaped him.

My sister’s progress (in life) up to this point

A conversational style interview as we reflect on some of the factors influencing my sisters life.

Julia McDonald

Talked with her about friends and family and our friendship.

Language Arts storycorps project
November 25, 2017 App Interview

The funniest interview you will ever hear, and all least serious.