Riding on the Tandem with Grandma

Tyler days that his best childhood memory is riding on the tandem with Grandma and getting McDonald’s pancake platter.

Stories with Ms. Kruse

Ms. Kruse talks about school experiences and hearing God throughout her teaching. Her faith has led her to her teaching career at Grace and in other schools. God has guided her throughout her teaching career and helped her make the...

Hannah & Austin

Hannah interviewing her boyfriend Austin about some of life’s most important questions

Stories of Being a Paramedic

Scarlet Jackson sits down to talk with her grandma, Sherry, 61. Sherry describes her life as a Paramedic in Lapeer County. She tells stories of CPR, corn, and what happens when you mix the two. But, most importantly, her love...

Sand dunes

While on a relaxing trip to Muskegon Mi, our family decided to take a trip to salt lake and rent a dune buggy. Although we all thought the trip was tons of fun, some didn’t think so.

Tony Pardi talks about his childhood in Malta during World War II and his job search in the U.S.

In this interview, recorded on November 25, 2018 in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Catherine Pardi (16) interviews Tony Pardi (89) about his childhood in Malta during World War II. Mr. Pardi speaks on behalf of the struggles he and many others...

Marriage, Family and Living in a Streetcar

Diane and Ted Sweet have lived on Orchard Lane in Battle Creek, MI for, almost, their entire 68 year marriage. Their grandkids sat down with them to get the nitty gritty on the history of the street and on living...

Grandma Betty shares stories growing up in Washington and experiences of happiness with Granddaughter Myriah

Betty Adams lived and grew up in Kitsap county, Washingtom for over 75 years and happily together with to Steve Adams for over 55 years. After his death (at age 100), Betty (at age 76) made the big move to...

The career reflections of a centenarian

My 100-year-old grandfather’s reflections on his education and career in chemical engineering—before and after WWII.

Generations interview by Dane and Joonas.
December 6, 2019 App Interview

We talked to Dave Blough/ Haileys grandpa about his life and what happened during it.

Interview with my Nana.

This is my Interview with my nana for my study of fiction class.

Ada Mae Eikhoff, Carl Eikhoff, and Sean Eikhoff

Ada Mae Eikhoff 100 speaks with her son Carl Eikhoff 73 and her grandson Sean Eikhoff 23 about her life over the last 100 years

The Life of a Firefighter and Dad

My dad, Rob, has been a firefighter and paramedic in Riverview, MI for 28 years and my dad for 22! These are some of his stories about his job and a little bit about his childhood and parenting.

9-11. The day it happened.

The topic that we talked about was the attack of 9-11. We talked about how my mothers day went and the feelings she and others had while she watched this even on television

An Interview with Timothy Gandee by Olivia Gandee

Olivia Gandee has a discussion with her father, Timothy Gandee, about his life and his advice for the lives of others.

local father WILL trade knowledge for cookies

17 Year Old Brian Hurst Interviews his dad, Joe, in Traverse City, MI, where they were both rlborn and raised. Joe dispenses valuable knowledge and zen viewpoints for the price one one (1) Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie.

Family, education, and Life Lessons

Jehne’ Quinn (15) with her Mother Tomeshia, talks about her childhood growing up . Education was a big factor then and since she’s been a parent she made education a must in our household. She talks about how family is...

Jacob Petty and his Great Grandma talk about happiness and family members.

In this interview, conducted on November 26th 2018 in Flint, Michigan, Jacob Petty (15) interviews his Great Grandma Janet Williams(76)about her happiest memories, and what it was like growing up in the 1950’s. Ms.Williams shares stories about her husband and...

Interview with dad

My dad talks about his experiences growing up in India. He also explains about his beliefs about Hinduism and religion.

Sophia Quintieri and her grandmother, Michile Stoutenburg, talk about Michile’s life and the lessons she has learned.

On November 23rd of 2018, Sophia Quintieri interviews her grandma, Michile Stoutenburg, about tMichile’s life and the lessons she learned. Michile shares stories about her childhood, marriage, and being a mother to four girls. She talks about her family outings...