Growing Up
November 29, 2018 App Interview

We talked about my mother's childhood and what it was like growing up.

Lexi Surbaugh and Her Grandfather, William Surbaugh

Lexi Surbaugh: 2021-01-17 20:35:48 Lexi Surbaugh and Her Grandfather, William Surbaugh Talk About Their Lives and Upbringings

Interview with Mom

We talked about my mom’s favorite memories of her grandparents. Her summers at the lake when she was off from school. About how she and my dad met. Lastly, we talked about her least favorite and happiest memory about me.

Linus Mavers interviews his mother Elizabeth Caldwell about growing up

In this interview, recorded on November 25th, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Linus Mavers (18) interviews his mother Elizabeth Caldwell (57) about her life and childhood. Elizabeth talks about growing up in different cities and moving around as the daughter of...

My Amazing Mom

A looks into a mother’s past and what her life was like, following up to the birth of her children and her life now. A great person who shows nothing but love and care towards the people she loves the...

Barbara Kujanpa Saniie and Matthew Saniie

Barbara Kujanpa Saniie (70) tells her son Matthew Saniie (31) the story of her ancestors in the United States starting with her great great grandfather who came from Germany in the 1800s up until meeting Matthew's father in Florida.

My mom

A summary of my mom and what goes on in her life.

Grace Blomberg and Liv Hedstrom

Grace Blomberg (14) and her best friend Liv Hedstrom (14) talk about Covid-19, their friendship and life stories.

Memories of World War II

My grandmother recounts memories of the home front in world war II and the impact it had on her education.

Andra Thompson and Anna Supplee

Anna Supplee (39) has a conversation with her best friend Andra Thompson (33) about their early years in college, how they reconnected, and their long-lasting friendship.

Devine Siblings on Thanksgiving

Conversation with Patrick, Mary, Michael, and Jimmy recorded after Thanksgiving dinner 2016.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I asked my Grandma about her past life and what she was like as a child.

Blind in the badlands

My grandpa had a dream that he suddenly goes blind on a 1 foot wide ledge that was a 1000 foot drop on either side

Part of the community

Wendy Kahler shares her experiences of working at her job in which she helps people with disabilities become active members in the community.

Ben bloom and his grandmother talk about her life.

In this interview conducted in Andover, MN, Ben Bloom (14)interviews his grandmother, carole (71) about how she greww up all over the United States. Carole lived in WA, TX, and other states, her favorite state is hawaii. She has held...

Christmas traditions

My mom and I talked about her Christmas when she was younger and now.