Frank Apodaca and Heather Apodaca

Frank Apodaca (73) speaks with his daughter Heather Apodaca (39) about his life growing up and his family.

Thanksgiving Interview

This is my tutor / not really my brother but like my brother answering some fun questions

Anja Marais and Alexander Aris

Friends and housemates in an intentional community Anja Marais (48) and Alexander Aris (49) share a conversation about their outlooks on life, their friendship, and the synchronicities that connect them as people.

Aaron Taylor and Joseph Moreno

Cousins Aaron Taylor (45) and Joseph Moreno (40) share a plática about their family history and Indigenous ancestry, the value of language and culture in education, and the intricacies of mestizo identity in New Mexico.

Scott Cutler and Marshall Carter-Tripp

Friends and colleagues Scott Cutler (71) and Marshall Carter-Tripp (78) discuss how they became involved with the Frontera Land Alliance and conservation efforts. They also talk about current projects they are working on.


We had covered what Ms.Grenko likes in her past life and what she has done. Also she has a great history of what she has done and we were interested.

Joaeph Garcia and Jace Freyman

Joaeph "Joe" Garcia (82) and Jace Freyman (36) talk about their family histories, how they came to their vocations, their economic and socio-political fears and hopes for the country, and the importance of connecting with others.

Experiencing a Wedding

When Dennis Parrone attended the wedding of his own best man’s daughter, he wanted to soak in every detail. New technology enabled a sighted assistant hundreds of miles away to see everything from his seat and give him a narrative...

Rudy Montoya and Juana Montoya-Jamison

Cousins Rudy Montoya (88) and Juana Montoya-Jamison (72) recount their family history in Mexico and the United States. They tell stories about grandparents, siblings, and Juana's father, who is Rudy's cousin.

Rachel Medina and Clark Craig

One Small Step partners Rachel Medina (33) and Clark Craig (56) discuss their experiences being elected officials in small municipalities, how their backgrounds and upbringings have shaped their political values, and the importance of education.

Mohawk VS George

Funny story discussing our Mohawk and George story.

Eve Tovino and John M. Flaherty

Friends and former coworkers Eve Tovino (47) and Mike Flaherty (55) share a conversation about their work with the Shared Table Food Pantry, their upbringings, and the difficulties people face in the United States.

A life in parts

In this interview I, Jake Wright interview Delbert Chavez about his experience in the auto parts industry. We cover how the industry has changed and how Bert has worked his way to running his own successful department.

Brandon Kennedy and John Kennedy

Brandon Kennedy (54) speaks to his father John Kennedy (81) about his family's trading post where they traded art and crafts of the Navajo communities in New Mexico.

Interview with my dad, William Keltz, November 2015

I’ve got Dad (born 1939 in Colorado, USA) trapped after Thanksgiving...I ask him about his life since meeting my mom (Anke Breier Keltz, born 1940 in Germany) and what it was like to marry a German in post-WWII United States.

Jan Cummings and Charles Boles

Friends Jan Cummings (87) and Charles "Edgar" Boles (73) discuss the house Jan built, their life experiences, and what makes New Mexico special.

“I was so happy”

Julianna Williams, 17, asked her Grandmother, Anita Payen, 77, about the favorite memories and the person that was the most influential in her life.

Senior Year

High school students who are about to graduate discuss their plans after and their achievements.

Talking Trans

A brief yet riveting interview with a close friend discussing his experience living as a transgender man in Albuquerque, New Mexico!! (Ahem, please excuse the occasional meowing and barking in the background.)

Story Corps Interview: Grandma’s Corn Tortillas

The impact of the interview, is a sharing experience passed on from families.