A New York Way

Goldy grew up in a sheltered Jewish Community in New York that immensely shaped the way she is.At 4:45 in the recording that was taken December 18th 2019 , Goldy talked about how her dad who died was really an...

“My family grew up poor”

My stepmom didn’t have the easiest life growing up and she explained a little about it

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019 Interview 1

I asked my Dad some questions about when he was in high school and about his friends growing up.

After the loss of his mother at 12, Donald Mahoney learned the key to success through his sister’s guidance

Donald Mahoney’s parents were Irish immigrants, and at the age of 12, his mother passed away. Mahoney’s older sister, Ellen had to become his mother and inspired him to never give up on his dreams. He worked extremely hard in...

Learning About My Father – George Sabeh

My father tells me about how working hard and being flexible to different cultures and lifestyles is valuable in life, how he wants me to find happiness and be happy, and recounts his experiences. Immigrating from Venezuela to Syria to...

All about my Nonna

About my amazing grandmother, her life, and everything she has done for the people she loves

November 28th 2019, James Gall with Dianne and Jim

This interview with my parents tells their life stories and how their families moved here from their countries of origin.

Grandma November 28, 2019

I talked to my grandmother about her past as a whole.

Exiting Times in a Small Town

“I climbed up the drive in movie theater with fireworks and smoke bombs, I set them off and me and my friends ran home as fast as we could.” This is one of the fun crazy stories that Michael Giacchino...

De L’Argent ou du Bonheur?

We talked about my dad’s choice to quit being a banker and go back to school to get a different degree. Which did he value more? Happiness or money?

“Just A Lot of Imagination”

In Flushing, New York, a hardworking father, George Dakis, and his 14-year-old daughter, Christina Dakis, converse about his life in a Greek-American household. They talk about his inspiring life and the hardships he went through to become the man he...

Darryl Holloman and Harding Royster

Harding Royster (37) talks with family friend, Darryl Holloman (51), about the evolution of higher education and their own college experiences.

Chiofalo Family Love

December 5,2019 I interviewed my grandpa,Phill Rizzuto.I asked him on what was most important to him.

Memory Lane

it was her life starting from a child all the way to an adult including her school days

Grandmama’s Interview

We talked about what she was like as a child, the things she did as a child, and talked about her and my grandpa met.

Interview with papa

My grandpa shares about his life and his past experiences

Interview with grandma

We spoke about past events in life and accomplishments.

My mom, MJ Viscardo

I just asked some questions about my mom and found out some things that I never knew before. I figured out what her childhood was like and her growing up. It was nice to have her share her experiences with...