Living His Best Life

My interview with my Great Uncle Steve was nothing short of spectacular. I learned a lot about his interesting life story and was able to discover the secrets of how to live a long and happy life. We talked about...

Adolescence Interview

Grandparents Evelyn and Fritz Grupe describe their experiences as adolescents. Significant cultural events, parents, social environments, and discovering identities are discussed.

Kimberly Lemite and Daniel Elliott

Friends and One Small Step partners Kimberly Lemite (54) and Daniel Elliott [no age given] reflect on the impact of their family histories. They talk about the legacy of slavery in the United States and what it means to truly...

Chat with Abu

During this interview, I spoke with Abu to talk about his life and experiences. We spoke about his education, family life, and hardships he has faced. Abu really opened up to me and told me his inner throughts when he...

9/11/2001 interview

I interviewed my mom about 9/11 and what the day was like for her.

Warren Hersch interviews Marion Blank about her grandmother on her father’s side, Charna Herschkowitz, and her father, Morris Hersch.

In this interview, Marion Blank reminisces about two people on her father’s side of the family: her grandmother, Charna Herschowitz (maiden name: Hudas) and her father, Morris Hersch. The third part in a running series on the Hersch family, the...

Heathers memory about 9/11
November 26, 2017 App Interview

I asked my co worker heather about an important event In her life time and she started talking about how she experienced September 11 of 2001

Grandpa interview

10 questions, about childhood, jobs etc. What are some of the best best memories or worst

Sophie Brown and Stephanie Lam

Stephanie Lam (61) talks with her daughter, Sophie Brown (18) about her childhood in Toisan, China in the 1960s and what it was like to move to America at 18. She discusses her life in a small village, her experiences...

Dealing with COVID-19 :CUNYService Corps Edition(Part 1)

This interview covers how a resident of New York is dealing with the pandemic COVID-19, general thoughts and lessons learned so far.


The child hood of my Mimi and the past and future for what’s to come for my grand child.

Me and grandma

I love my grandmother and she shows so much love and passion for everyone

Susan Kelley and Grace Kelley

Susan Kelley (57) sits down with her mother, Grace Kelley (89), to talk about her experience immigrating to the United States from Palestine, to discuss her passions for nursing and music, and to remember members of their family who have...

Obiajula Ugbomah and Mark Ugbomah

Mark Ugbomah (34) asks his father, Obiajula Ugbomah (58), about his childhood, migrating to the United States, and finding home and belonging in music and important interpersonal relationships.

Rose Tonti and Mary Miller

Mother and daughter Rose Tonti (101) and Mary Miller (62) discuss their family’s history and immigration from Italy to the United States during World War II.

Patricia Rich and Michael Silverberg

Patricia Rich [no age given] and Michael Silverberg [no age given], recently married, talk about their lives and how they met through Central Synagogue and its Wise Aging program.

Clary Rotchford Thanksgiving 2017

Our families influence us in so many ways. Some loving and some challenging. It is what we make of what we experience that creates the tenatiius, creative and capable people we are today.

Christopher Rzigalinski and Paige Danoff

Paige discusses her feelings about post-Covid life, a return to semi-normalcy, and getting back to office life.

Robert O’Handley Renaissance Man

My father spoke about his memories is his father, my papa, Robert O’Handley. He recalled memories from his childhood and what his father taught him and accomplished career wise. He retold stories from my papa’s childhood and how his family...