Michael Scott Hinojosa

This was a interview about the life of Michael Scott Hinojosa.

Interview with grandma

This interview is about my grandmother and her memories of growing up

Memories on Thanksgiving

I ask my uncle, Joe Jimenez, about his life being an author, and his journey through college.

Billy Smith and Michelle Smith

Billy Smith (30) talks with his wife Michelle Smith (33) about first meeting each other, how their favorite bands brought them together, memories of dating, falling in love, and eventually getting engaged on stage at a show.

From Mexico to The USA, Lessons My Grandma Learned Along the Way

My grandma talks about the lessons she values most, memories that make her who she is today, and funny stories about our family and it’s past.

It Started With a Burp

Karen and Richard Martin share the unique story about how they met and what’s been important after 61 years of matrimony.

Military Life

I spoke with my father Samuel about his early military life.

Zachariah Aussi and Bob Kilner

Bob Kilner is a Teacher that teaches High School students chemistry. Learn about his experiences as a teacher giving insight about how he did things.

Interview with grandpa

I talked to my grandpa about what it was like growing up and about his parents and relatives. We also talked about what everyone did for work and how he worked for the defense mapping agency.

“I would say being a mother is probably my biggest accomplishment”

In this interview, recorded on December 2019 in Omaha, Nebraska, Haley Reinhard (16) interviews her sister Kristina Reinhard (30) about her journey through the Military and new motherhood. She shares stories about basic training, tech school, and how she didn’t...

Jaelyn’ s Interview

What we talked about was what are some of the best moments of her life and how has her life changed from when she was younger

Coach Tim’s interview

Talked about his life, how he was a minority, how he overcame adversity and had a family with 14 kids, went in depth in how he wanted send them all to college

Thanksgiving interview

I interviewed my dad and asked him questions about his life, childhood, and memories.

Thanksgiving Listen
November 26, 2018 App Interview

Family history, Aviel’s birth, the joy of life. Things you should carry on and follow in life

Silas and Jessica Devereaux

Today, I (Silas Devereaux) interview my mom about her life.