Madi interviews her Papa

Papa and I talked about his childhood, how he became a chemist, how he met my grandmother (with my grandmother chiming into the stories). He also told me about the biggest lessons he has learned in life as well and...

Interview with my aunt

Here’s an interview with my 21 year old aunt from texas.

My Nannie

In this interview I asked my nannie ( grandmother ) questions about her childhood and what life was like growing up in her era .

Childhood of Nana

In this interview, I talked with my grandmother about her childhood and her process to now.

Interviewing my Nana

My Nana talks about her life. What has impacted her and happy moments in her life.

Safe In The War

My great grandmother was a dental assistant in World War II and talks about her experiences and how hectic or normal things could be. She talks about the different people she knew and the different things she learned.

Aaron’s memories

Aaron talk about his learning experiences and his childhood


My BB and I talked about his childhood and how things were as a kid. We also talked about things he has learned and what he wants me along with the other grandchildren to learn as they grow up into...

Vietnam War Experience As a Marine During this Period of Time

My grandpa speaks about his time serving in 1964-1968 as a Marine and tells the experience he has been through the Vietnam War.

Thanksgiving 2018, New Braunfels, Texas

A Texas-Australian family talks about their elders, influencers and give advice to future generations. Gratitude on Thanksgiving!


This interview talks about how this gril name avieana and I was asking her question about her life and what challenges she faced

Hannah’s Interview

This interview is about my grandma and her teaching experience.

Paula’s life

She was born and raised in Texas, and is very close to her family, she is great full for what god has given her.

What don't we know about Trump's family separation policy?

In the Fall of 2017 -- about seven months before it was widely reported by the media -- a quiet pilot program began in El Paso to separate 'older' children from their parents at the Border. Once it became public,...

The blast to past

Nice interview didn’t knew about a things and it went great

Interviewing my dad about the military

The military was an important part of his life and it teaches many important things and if he could he would join again

Storytelling Assignment.

We have talked about our lives and what we have both meant to each other. As well as the impacts we both have had in each others lives. Her memories, my memories, the hard times in life etc.

Talking about growing up on airforce bases.
December 17, 2018 App Interview

My dad talks about his experiences living near airforce bases in the cold war.