Got lost on my way to do this interview.

This was a general interview with my uncle mostly talking about family and a few other topics.

Benjamin Bingham

A conversation with my father about his life and what made him this light in many peoples lives

I’ve Always Been The Same Person

A life summary of my Grandma, Lauren Heald. She is 65 and I never truly asked her about the stories of her life.

An Interview with Timothy Gandee by Olivia Gandee

Olivia Gandee has a discussion with her father, Timothy Gandee, about his life and his advice for the lives of others.

A New Take on the Library of Congress

The authors of “I, Too, Sing America: The African American Book of Days” reflect on images from Library of Congress and propose a new project

Interview With Grandpa Mike

We discussed his experiences as a child for instance his hobbies and people who inspired him. After that we discussed what he wanted to be and how he enlisted in the military. We then discussed his experiences in World War...

“I was looking for…adventure…”

Service is always at the core of Father Stuart Wilson-Smith’s adventures and musical pursuits. He says that from the time he was young, he wanted his life to be focused on helping others. It was later that he decided that...

Global Studies Project(Amare 5)

(Yoshie Fields)Does America accept you as a human, as a person? My interviewee came from Japan and moved to America. Yoshie Fields decided to go to America because she wanted something new, something different. She left for education and experience,...

A Woman's Right: The Story It Tells – Donna

A Woman’s Right: The Story It Tells – Women’s March on D.C. Interviews for Women’s Reproductive Rights. Donna, from Sarasota, FL speaks about her feelings about women’s rights and tells us why she marched in the Women’s March on D.C.

Kirstie Kwarteng, Nana Aba Naaman, , , and

Kirstie Kwarteng (28) interviews Nana Aba Bentsi-Enchill (64) about her decision to immigrate from Ghana to the United States. Nana Aba talks about how her father’s death impacted her. She also reflects on her own colorblindness and the experience of...

Me and my bro

He’s my favorite person but he doesn’t even know.

Fear Can Be A Good Thing

Overcoming a fear can be difficult, but facing fear to overcome it is an audacious way to tackle it. In an interview conducted by Jeremy Frank in Los Angeles, in November 2017, Darryl Frank talks about how he overcame his...